Minister of Justice Dzerard Selman of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Selman has also announced that an internal investigation, undertaken in the Foca facility after Stankovic's escape, has shown a number of oversights in the work of this facility from the moment of issuance of an order for Stankovic's medical examination outside the prison.
Commenting the fact that, six days after Stankovic's escape, an international warrant has still not been issued, Selman has explained that there was a need to collect documentation which was not available in the correctional facility in Foca.
Selman said that they had discussed their views regarding the changes to the decision-making process within the BiH Council of Ministers announced by Miroslav Lajcak.
Selman said that Lajcaks changes needed to be amended with the addition of several key points insisted on by RS legal experts.
Nezavisne Novine, pg 2 There was no strike in Foca Prison RS Justice Minister Dzerard Selman denied yesterday that the inmates went on strike.