Governor, Central Bank Kemal Kozaric of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brief Excerpt: BOSNIA: SAA breakthroughBOSNIA: Real work starts now EU agreement is signed A new credit rating may result from the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) signed with the EU, Central Bank Governor Kemal Kozaric said on June.
Kozaric said the words of the Prime Minister of the Bosnian Serb entity, the Republika Srpska, would put “pressure over Central Bank” and were not true.
Kozaric said he would like to see Bosnia “part of the euro zone as soon as tomorrow, but there is a certain procedure and lots of things… to be done before that.
In an interview for Sarajevo daily Avaz published on Wednesday, the Central Bank governor Kemal Kozaric said the IMF has decided to downsize its presence in Bosnia since it had neither its regular “Stand-By” arrangement nor any other “firm relations” with the Bosnian administration for several years now.
Kozaric said the governments of Bosnia's two autonomous regions, the Serb Republic and the Muslim-Croat federation, should create social programmes to protect the most vulnerable social groups.
Published: December 11 2007 06:42 | Last updated: December 11 2007 06:42From his office on an upper floor of one of Sarajevo’s finest early 20th century buildings, Kemal Kozaric says he worries about the economic indicators next May or June.
The BH central banks governor Kemal Kozaric supports the idea of the Government of RS about buying the countrys foreign debt from the London Club of creditors, because the current market conditions make it by 39.
The improved credit rating represents an encouraging factor, but it is necessary to work further on institutional and economic reforms, while maintaining monetary stability,' Governor Kemal Kozaric said in a statement.
country's macroeconomic stability.
Bosnian Muslim central bank Governor Kemal Kozaric is expected to agree to the offer.