Prime Minister Milorad Dodik of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shocked by the shameful verdict of the Hague tribunal, acquitting Srebrenica warlord Oric, Dodik said that various Bosnian Muslim associations sued the government of Netherlands and the UN court declared itself authorized to adjudicate in the case against the Dutch troops, which did not protect the Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica.
Premier Dodik said that there are 170 million of convertible Marks in the budget of Republic of Srpska (around 100 million euros), but much more if the moneys dedicated to the Republic of Srpska development fund are added to the sum.
The party later united with another social-democratic party to form the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, of which Milorad Dodik is President.
needs to be checked and changed as Dodik is not a dr.
of the opposition in Republika Srpska.
church, but that its meddling into politics should not be allowed.
Serb Republic Prime Minister Milorad Dodik has invited the people to stay.
Dodik said the support for his party confirmed that Bosnian Serbs favor the federal structure, and he repeated warnings that “in the case that demands for abolishing the Serb Republic are repeated, demands for referendum will be raised again.
Milorad Dodik is a politician, who fought against the nationalist SDS of old times, led by the indicted war criminal Radovan Karadzic, and his party is known as being moderate.
It was easy to refute the parallelism that Milorad Dodik has been keen to establish between the case of Montenegro and that of the RS.
The cynical Dodik is absolutely right.
Milorad Dodik says he doesn’t question Bosnia-Hercegovina in its Dayton framework, but he won’t abide attempts to scrap the RS.
Go for it, thats exactly what Dodik is counting on.
as a part of his pre-election campaign ahead of the October local elections.
Dodik was born I small village close to Banja Luka.
Dodik is succeeding just because terrorism and problems in Middle East.
But Dodik has found the way to irritate world policies just by attacking “Muslims.
But Dodik is stoping US, with his idiotic remarks.
The problem is that Dodik is just another chicken incapable politician.
Dodik is the prime minister of the Serb entity.
The rhetorical battle is making a real debate on reform of the Bosnian state impossible.
After being chided by Miroslav Lajcak, the High Representative of the international community in Sarajevo, Dodik was unimpressed.
and at the end of last year he began a search for a new lobbying firm.
image with the current US Administration are quite poor.
criminal regime, and Dodik was an important ally in those efforts.
the past few months, however, he has spent nearly all of that capital.
Dodik is the new Bosnian Serb prime minister who is working to wrest power away from hard-liners who want to obstruct the Dayton peace accord that settled the civil war in the former Yugoslavia.
Dodik has been replacing hard-line police chiefs, opening telephone and postal service to the rest of Bosnia, and firing nationalist media bosses.
Milorad Dodik was born in 1959 in Laktasi, where he finished Primary school.
Dodik was very successful in his private business until he was elected for the Prime Minister.
DODIK IS A DEMOCRAT: Of course, the problem is not that there is no other Prime Minister in the world brave enough to say of his own parliament: "It is a gathering of superficial people.
Even though he has not held back from threatening members of parliament with beatings or offering them money for their vote, Dodik is the only Prime Minister in the world who rules with the genuine support of barely one fourth of the Parliament.
As it is, the message of the decisive support of the foreigners for Dodik broadcast to the Serbs is "Dodik is the only normal person in this entire nation" which is enough to make every normal Serb feel like a piece of shit.
But Dodik is not open, not because he is a nationalist, but because he likes to do things on the sly and because the word society for him means nothing more than the team with which he just replaced some provincial director and then they all went out for a drink together.
In other words, Dodik has succeeded in recreating the executive board of his municipality of Laktasi in the government.
But they are fooling themselves that Dodik is an anti-Daytonite with nationalist predilections: obstructing Bosniaks from returning to Banja Luka only because they are Bosniaks would be a strategic initiative of Dodik's, albeit an ugly one, and he is hopelessly immune to strategic initiatives.
DODIK SUPPORTS THE FREE MEDIA: "What would we do without the independent media?" said, on one occasion, believe it or not, Momcilo Krajisnik.
Of course no one remember to ask the logical question: why has RS remained unchanged? In short, Dodik has as much of a chance, percentage-wise, of helping the opposition in Serbia as there are supporters of the Banja Luka team "Borac" among the residents of Belgrade.
Wherein lies the rub? Connecting with someone means being prepared to share a common fate with him which neither Lagumdzija nor Ivanic have any intention of doing as far as Dodik is concerned.
Milorad Dodik was supposed to be the RS President and the SDS banned, destroyed, and forgotten.
His collaborators also emphasized that Dodik had to every time underline that he was not Gojko Klickovic and that grass does not grow in those places where Dodik throws a shovel of cement.
The TVRS for several days announced that Dodik was going to Belgrade to meet Kostunica, but the Prime Minister kept putting off his departure date.
Third time lucky, as people say, so Dodik was given a chance to yet again comment on his meeting with Kostunica in Trebinje.
In many ways, Dodik has brought these problems on himself.
Meanwhile, Dodik has failed to secure the surrender of key indicted war criminals.
push key economic reforms and the local media have recently begun to question the origins of the wealth of various government figures.
On previous occasions when the SDA has requested governmental representation, Dodik has managed to dodge the issue.
But Dodik has made several similar promises in the past, always managing to backtrack on them at the last moment.
Dodik said that the constitutional position of the entity is to have special relations and the FB-H has the same rights as the Republic of Srpska.
The main assumption on which all the nationalistic politics of Milorad Dodik is based and preached is the Serbs fear of Islamic fundamentalism coming from Sarajevo, capital of BiH, and the Muslims rate of birth.
Speaking at a news conference in Sarajevo, Lajcak said Dodik was right to request that other partners in the state-level ruling coalition acknowledge and guarantee the existence of RS, since this would put an end to any secession and referendum speculations.
BANJA LUKA -- Republic of Srpska (RS) PM Milorad Dodik says a strong and stable Serbia is the best possible help for the RS.
This cooperation is not aimed against anyone, and therefore not against Bosnia-Herzegovina either, but is rather focused on the establishment of good relations with Bosnia via the RS,” Dodik said in a live broadcast for state broadcaster RTS.
Republic of Srpska (RS) PM Milorad Dodik says a strong and stable Serbia is the best possible help for the RS.
Republic of Srpska (RS) PM Milorad Dodik says he will propose a federal-confederal arrangement of Bosnia with the forthcoming constitution changes.
Dodik was born in 1959 in Banja Luka.
In the first multiparty elections in the former Yugoslavia, held in 1990, Dodik was elected a member of the BiH parliament.
Dodik is married and has two children.
Republika Srpska Prime Minister Milorad Dodik said Feb 13 that he will not agree to reform Bosnia-Herzegovina's police force by the UN.
Dodik said he would rather see Bosnia-Herzegovina not join the European Union than accept the police reforms.
Dodik is ordered to appear and testify commencing on 31 July 2003.
liability and Government does not need servants but unbiased journalism.