Vice President Mirsad Kebo of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Djelic and Kebo has decided that prizing the globally recognized Bosnia-Herzegovina borders in addition to the.
We hope to help mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of the missing to bury their loved ones with dignity,â€‌ Minister for Human Rights and Refugees Mirsad Kebo said at a ceremony founding the body.
Kebo said that was the best way to help the families of the missing, stressing that the institute would not allow “any form of discrimination.
FBiH ruling coalition leaders to meet next week30/06/2008SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) -- Federation of BiH (FBiH) ruling coalition leaders will meet on July 9th to discuss the latest challenges facing the government, FBiH Vice-President Mirsad Kebo said on Saturday (June 28th) in an interview with the Dnevni Avaz newspaper.
The Oslobodjenje newspaper reports Kebo was told someone is offering a large bounty for his murder and that of Sulejman Tihic, leader of the main Muslim party in BiH, the Party of Democratic Action.