Prime Minister Nedzad Brankovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Center for Investigative Reporting - Bosnia-Herzegovina looked at how Brankovic was able to earn a practically free apartment from the government of Bosnia in an article titled "A Lucky Real Estate Deal.
Before entering the government, Brankovic was director of Energoinvest, one of the Federations strongest state-owned companies.
Brankovic was thus considered responsible for the outlandishly high price of fuel in Bosnia this fall, at a time when the world price had fallen around forty percent.
Some of the information on Brankovic is from Dani #597, November 21, 2008)Meanwhile, Brankovic has purchased a fine apartment for himself, and decorated it ostentatiously with expensive artwork.
And Brankovic is not even a major player in the economic finagling that constantly takes place throughout the republics of the former Yugoslavia.
Prime Minister Nedzad Brankovic said the government made the extension, the third such move since 2007, to give more time to the commission tasked with the privatisation of the smelter to resolve some outstanding issues.
Brankovic said in the meantime he had reached an agreement with the biggest bread producer, Klas, halting the further increase in bread prices, and had agreed also to import 10,000 tons of wheat and 5,000 tons of corn.
The FBiH Entity Prime MinisterM Nedzad Brankovic met last Friday in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo with a delegation of the Islamic Bank for Development from Saudi Arabia, led by Ahmad M.
who might become the new Federation Premier instead of Hadzipasic.
supports Brankovic, has taken full control over the SDA.
The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids and the medieval city Visoki, located on the top of the Visocica Hill, could soon become a huge tourist attraction.
with the privatisation of the smelter to resolve some outstanding issues.
Brankovic was born on December 28th 1962 in the town of Visegrad in eastern BiH.
In 1987, Brankovic joined the Institute for Transport in Sarajevo, where he worked until 1992.
Brankovic is a senior assistant lecturer at the Faculty for Transport and Communications at the Sarajevo University.
From 1992 to 1993 Brankovic was a member of the Army of BiH and was later awarded the "Golden Lilly," the highest military decoration.
Brankovic has been a member of the SDA top bodies since 1990 and has served two terms as member of the FBiH parliament's House of the Representatives.
The five-party coalition government proposed by Brankovic was approved by the entity parliament's lower house and sworn in on March 22nd.
In May, Brankovic said that the programme of his government would focus on priority projects aimed at improving the economic and fiscal conditions in the federation, the construction of roads and meeting the obligations towards the veterans.
Brankovic is married and has two children.
The verdict orders CIK to make a decision within a period of 15 days from the verdict on whether Nedzad Brankovic is in a position of conflict of interests.
Sarajevo, September 19th 2008 – Transparency International Bosnia and Herzegovina filed again a lawsuit to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina against Central Election Commission (CIK) which, even with the BiH Court’s verdict that obliges CIK to establish the existence of conflict of interests in the case of Nedzad Brankovic, the FBiH Prime Minister, declared themselves as unauthorized and brought a conclusion which adjourns the procedure.