Chairman, Council of Ministers Nikola Spiric of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Chairman of the Bosnian Council of Ministers Nikola Spiric has resigned, heralding the fall of the Bosnia-Herzegovina government.
by the high representative of the international community Miroslav Lajcak.
Not sovereign' Commenting on the prevailing situation, Spiric said Bosnia-Herzegovina is unfortunately not a sovereign state 12 years after the peace deal.
Twelve years after Dayton, foreigners have exclusive rule over this country, and I believe this isn't good for this country or its citizens,” Spiric said at his news conference on Thursday.
In an emotional interview on Wednesday evening on Republika Srpska TV – the public service broadcaster in Bosnia’s Serb entity, RS - Spiric said he was offended both by Lajcak’s decision and that way it had been imposed, without consultations with him.
Spiric is himself a member of the SNSD, and has been Bosnia’s Prime Minister since the beginning of the year.
Although Spiric is not one of Bosnia's key politicians, observers seehis resignation as a dramatic symptom of Bosnia’s current political crisis which is one of the worst since the end of the war in 1995.
Spiric said Bosnia-Herzegovina has not been a sovereign state in the 12 years since the Dayton Peace Agreement was signed to stop the 1992-1995 bloodshed in the Balkans country.
SARAJEVO) - Bosnia has started drawing up police reform laws required of the Balkan country as part of its EU membership aspirations, Prime Minister Nikola Spiric said Tuesday.
Spiric said he hopes to assemble a cabinet by the end of January.
This solved the crisis and Spiric was again put forward by his party as candidate for the prime ministers post.
Commenting on the prevailing situation, Spiric said Bosnia-Herzegovina "is unfortunately not a sovereign state" 12 years after the peace deal.
I have submitted my resignation to Bosnia's presidency," Spiric said on Thursday.
Spiric was not immediately available for comment.
of compiling a quite different BiH Constitution a long time ago.
Spiric was nominated to the post by BiH's tripartite presidency more than three months after the general elections on October 1st, 2006.
Bosnian Prime Minister Nikola Spiric has pushed back the deadline for police reform from the end of December until mid-February.
the effort found that Bosnia was raising only about a third of the $50 million a year that Prime Minister Nikola Spiric said his impoverished nation needed to rid itself of mines by 2019.
At a news conference later, Spiric said there are no open issues between the two countries but added.
BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Bosnia and Herzegovina Prime Minister Nikola Spiric said on Wednesday that the support he received from senior EU officials for BiH's European path translates into a responsibility for the.
Sarajevo  - Prime Minister Nikola Spiric said Tuesday that the start of talks on visa-free access for Bosnia-Herzegovina citizens to EU nations is another step towards European integration.
Spiric said he was forced to make the move because of changes introduced last month by Miroslav Lajcak, the international community's High Representative to Bosnia.
The SNSD is the ruling power in Republika Srpska and Spiric is an SNSD member.
Spiric is the first member of Dodik's party who has resigned.
Spiric joined the University of Sarajevo Economics Faculty in 1980, working as a researcher until 1992.
In 2000, Spiric was appointed deputy minister for human rights and refugees in BiH's central government.
Spiric is married and has two children.