Minister of Refugees and Displaced Persons Omer Brankovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brankovic expressed his satisfaction because Davidson supported a request on the entire application of the law on local administration.
Brankovic was asked about the rightfulness of resources allocation from the BiH Returns Fund, and he said that the entire report on allocation of these resources for the year 2005 is expected soon.
Republika Srpska Minister for Refugees and Displaced Persons Omer Brankovic said reconstruction work has begun at Banja Luka's Ferhadija mosque, which was destroyed during the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) conflict.
From ONASA News Agency) BANJA LUKA, May 21 (ONASA) - Republika Srpska (RS) Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic Relations and Coordination Omer Brankovic met on Wednesday with Swedish Ambassador to BiH Andres Mollander to discuss the future cooperation of the two countries.
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