Minister of Interior Stanislav Cadjo of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In terms of the cooperation of police of several countries in the region, Cadjo said that the fact that RS police participated in such major operation shows the credibility of RS police in the region and even beyond Balkans.
Inset in the article: Cadjo: RS police proved their professionalism- RS Interior Minister Stanislav Cadjo said he was proud that RS police took part in a major drug chain uncovering operation in a most professional way.
Bosnian Serb Interior Minister Stanislav Cadjo said he had "certain information" that an unknown group had p(lotted to assassinate Dodik, the SRNA news agency reported Sunday.
Balkan Ghost commentary: Cadjo is slippery in his responses, but the lack of defiance is a welcomed change from the RS MUP of just a year ago.
Asked why SNSD members never talked about political irregularities within the SPRS when it was within Sloga, Cadjo said that there was correct cooperation with the SPRS for some time, but that the break occurred due to certain political issues.
Commenting on the constitution of local RS authorities, Cadjo said that the SNSD made no agreements with the SDS or SDP.
Asked whether the SNSD would support the SDS candidate for Banja Luka Mayor, Cadjo said that the SDS would have to look for support from some other parties.
Stanislav Cadjo said that SNSD considered the decision on appointment of Kelecevic legal.
Commenting on the media decision, Cadjo said that it is logical that the RS NA discusses the issue and that there is no reason for any rushed reactions.