Minister of Security Tarik Sadovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

These are absolutely strange and scandalous things directed by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Nikola Spiric and head of the EC mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dimitris Kourkoulas,” Sadovic was quoted by Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje as saying.
efficiency and facilitating their cooperation.
SADOVIC: INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY IS PARTLY TO BLAME FOR POLICE REFORM FAILUREegis | Shared With: Everyone - Oct 17 2007 | bosnia, bosnia news, bosnian news, news, politics, tarik sadovic, Bosnian Minister of Security, sarajevo, european union, saa, police reform, international communityQuoted: SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 17,2007) – The Bosnian Minister of Security Tarik Sadovic is dissatisfied with the fact that Bosnia's politicians failed to reach an agreement on police reform, for that halted the country’s way to the European Union.
future cooperation would further intensify and strengthen.
Sadovic is the candidate which I suggested and in who I have full confidence, specially when his personality, moral, honesty and orientation towards the BiH as a State is concerned.
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Tarik Sadovic is just 13 pigs in chain of command of radical islamsit engaged in death threats all around the World.
According to the latest information from the Security Ministry, Sadovic has ordered the reconstruction of the protocol regulations in order to speed up the deportations.
Sadovic had stalled over alleged technical difficulties, arguing that he was not authorized to sign the deportation orders and had attempted to place the onus of the move on his assistant.
2008 ET KosovaLive (Skopje)The Bosnian Minister of Defense, Tarik Sadovic said today in Ohrid, Macedonia that Sarajevo will not hurry in recognizing Kosova’s independence.
The Republic of Macedonia, since it meets the criteria for NATO membership, will offer its experiences to Bosnia & Herzegovina, stated Jankulovska, while Sadovic expressed his optimism that  Macedonia would get its NATO invitation.
Jankulovska and Sadovic said they believed the future cooperation would further intensify and strengthen.
Electricité de France, France Salih Sadovic is University professor and international consultant.