Minister of Energy, Mining, and Industry Vahid Heco of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Heco said the minimum value of the stake slated for the privatisation, put at 150.
Heco said the four companies have been chosen because they did not require co-ownership in the plants and mines with the federation’s power companies Elektroprivreda BiH and Elektroprivreda HZHB, which will carry out the project.
Heco has pointed out that the sale of the stake will not put at risk the agreement signed with Libya on debt for equity swap.
Zavidovici to discuss the activities concerning privatization of this enterprise.
More than 300 invitations have been sent, FBiHs energy minister Vahid Heco has confirmed.
Heco said the organizers ambition is to explain all the details of energy projects in FBiH, and to show that nothing has been agreed with strategic partners beyond the law.