Attorney General Athalia Molokomme of Botswana

GABORONE - Attorney General Athalia Molokomme has assured Ntlo ya Dikgosi that government would in future try to incorporate Setswana customary marriage law and statutory marriage law into a single entity.
Molokomme said this when clarifying a point raised at Ntlo ya Dikgosi by its chairperson, Kgosi Seepapitso IV, last week.
Molokomme had accompanied the Assistant Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Olifant Mfa, to the House where he briefed the traditional leaders on the progress made since the Marital Power Act became law.
Molokomme said since the Abolishment of Marital Power Act did not affect the Setswana customary marriage, Parliament did not see the need to bring it to Ntlo ya Dikgosi as the issue at hand involved statutory law.
Attorney General Dr Athalia Molokomme said men and women should make it their business to support females.
Molokomme said that women fail to support other women for the same reasons that men do not support women.
Molokomme was responding to the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Moeng Pheto who had noted that women tend not to support each other.
Molokomme said parties should avoid putting women against each other in primary elections.
Molokomme said when the opportunity came, she took it after a reflection.
Dr Molokomme said the repealed subsection 35 (1) of the Constitution provided for a caretaker President for seven days, and therefore it was sensible to restrict his powers under section 35 (3.
We have different tribes and probably Molokomme was having a particular one in mind.
Molokomme says it does not make much sense to secure a legally binding instrument, on which SADC states can be sued, when the countries do not have the financial or political capacity to implement these measures.
Attorney General of Botswana Dr Athalia Molokomme has said that the Protocol would “place this region at the forefront and cutting edge of the achievement of one of the last frontiers of democracy and human rights: gender equality.
Dr Athalia Molokomme was responding to recent media reports that questioned the presidential powers of an incoming state president upon retirement, death or resignation of the incumbent.