Minister of Youth, Sports, and Culture Gladys Kokorwe of Botswana

It is something that I will not forget about even during my retirement," Kokorwe said in reference to the law.
Receiving the balls youth, sport and culture minister Mrs Gladys Kokorwe expressed gratitude for the support the Chinese continued to give the government.
Botswanian Deputy Speaker Gladys Kokorwe has called for the sensitization of African rural women on various issues to enable them to make positive decisions and contribute to the development of their countries, Times of Zambia reported on Tuesday.
On the 16 November last year then Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Gladys Kokorwe was forced to stop debates because MPs did not form a quorum.
Assistant local government minister Gladys Kokorwe said when welcoming the American volunteers that shortage of staff has restrained efforts to deliver optimum and effective services to the infected and the affected.
Kokorwe said the volunteers will support Botswana in strengthening the co-ordination of the districts response to HIV/AIDS.
The Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Gladys Kokorwe has encouraged Batswana to engage in activities that depict their pride in the richness of their culture heritage, and urged them to discuss heritage presentations of research findings as well as presentations of publications and articles pertaining to Botswana’s heritage.
Kokorwe said this recently when she launched the month of July as the National Heritage Month.
As part of the celebrations, Kokorwe was on Friday expected to launch the Francistown Records Centre under the ‘Archives, a Mirror of our past; Mapping a future society” theme.
Gladys Kokorwe said it was evident that the government was not alone in its goal of unleashing the potential in the youth towards economic diversification and citizen development.
to her that some opposition politicians said speech was lacking in content.
Delivering her National Culture Day message, Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Ms Gladys Kokorwe said the day was intended to rekindle in Batswana a sense of pride in their national identity and cultural diversity.
Kokorwe says the records centre will ensure safe and secure high density storage of public records and archives in northern Botswana.
Kokorwe said the centre has 1,000 sq metres of storage space with fire prevention and environmental control equipment.
Kokorwe says she took the children to an orphanage.
Last September, Nasha's deputy Gladys Kokorwe had said that the San would relocate to places of their choice where it would be cost effective to provided them with services.
The Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Mrs Gladys Kokorwe, on October 16 bid farewell to a group of Australian volunteers who helped build a P600 000 care centre for HIV/AIDS orphans in Ghanzi.