Minister of Education Jacob Nkate of Botswana

It is not the first time Nkate is faced with this kind of debacle.
The only difference is that this time around Nkate is unlikely to leave cabinet, at least not voluntarily.
But still I doubt Khama will go the full length as to sack Nkate, not least because Nkate is not a political lightweight.
It is worth noting that until recently, Nkate was a leading contender for the position of Vice President.
Nkate is not the best politician inside the BDP.
From humble origins, against many odds and with no big surname to support his ambitions Nkate has been able to rise on his own to the pinnacle of Botswana national politics.
In an interview this week, Nkate said that the BCP was deliberately misleading the nation by saying that Khama is ruling through 'presidential decrees', when in fact all these were cabinet directives.
Nkate has also dismissed calls by the BCP to probe into allegations that Justice Julian Nganunu tried to pressurise a Broadhurst Magistrate into releasing a relative of his from lawful remand.
Nkate said that from the way he understood the story, Nganunu had only offered to pay for maintenance for his convicted nephew and as such did not interfere with the magistrate's decision.
Nkate says his party offers no one an apology.
On the militarisation of cabinet and civil service, which the BCP is complaining of, Nkate said that there was nothing wrong with having four army men in cabinet as they had been elected them.
Nkate said that he agreed with the BCP that Botswana's prisons were overcrowded but added that the country does not have the resources to build as many prisons like schools.
He said he suspects that Nkate has pocketed money through dealings with private tertiary institutions that have enrolled an excessive number of students.
He told the House that Nkate has a dubious background citing the 2004 Lesetedi Commission, which investigated land allocations in Gaborone, in which the minister testified that he was misled.
However, unlike Vistor Moruti of the Okavango, Nkate has an added burden to stay put as he is no ordinary MP.
Nkate is not only a senior minister within government but he also mans the powerful portfolio of secretary-general of the BDP.
During the last primaries for the 2004 general elections, Nkate had to fend off serious challenge from the then Phuthulogo protege in the form of Tipster Gasethata Modimoosi.
Nkate has been preaching tourism, but what tourism project is there to show in the region? Natural resources are abundant in the area, he asked.
I think that is unfortunate,” he continued, adding that Nkate has since communicated his displeasure to those who have been lobbying to get him sacked.
Member of Parliament for Ngwaketse West Mr.
Responding in Parliament to the MPs attack, Minister Nkate said it was important to note that Ministers will not be aware of everything that takes place in their line Ministries because the country is big.
The truth is that the unfortunate incidents happening in Limkokwing r a result of "Academic frustration" not "urban intimidation" as the hon Nkate said in Mmegi newspaper.
The excuse being given by Nkate is of someone who is barbaric and doesn't know what his job entitles.
I'm sick and tired of this phrase.
i admit, Nkate is not the best minister this country has and i am at a loss for words as to why he continues 2 allow for students to be sent to Limkokwing.
Since Nkate took over, traditionally none performing schools have improved so it doesnt matter if u not at Mater Spei or St Joe anymore.
African Global Competitiveness Hub in Gaborone yesterday.
taking advantage of AGOA since Lesotho has already created 14 000 jobs.
Competitiveness Hub, also known as the trade hub.
individual companies and entrepreneurs.
Akanyang Magama last week Minister Nkate said his Ministry has no contractual obligation with Ingwe, therefore he was not in a position to say whether or not Ingwe was a recognized medical insurance provider in South Africa.
Nkate is a share holder to one of the lodges around Gantsi (Name withheld for time being.
Nkate has made comments in the press about this so called Ingwe crap,and now he does not know them.
Nkate has sudied Batswana very well,he knows at best they will suck up to him before they aggressively correct his deeds.
SARUA) at the University of Botswana (UB.
Jacob Nkate is Botswana’s Minister of Education.
Nkate was speaking at a well-attended dinner organised by the Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority (BEDIA) for Botswana and South African business, in Sandton South Africa.
Nkate said Botswana's prudent fiscal and monetary policies have enhanced private investor confidence, while more competitive conditions had been created through liberalisation and deregulation.
Nkate said that such attributes were the bedrock of inducing private sector capital to any investment destination.
Nkate said that institutions, such as the Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority (BEDIA), a partnership between government and the private sector to spearhead investment and export promotion, had come into being to ensure that investments in the country proved to be worthwhile.
improper application has occurred and has been investigated.
in conflict with the culture and traditions of their societies.
Nkate supported the position held by the US and textile manufacturers over the positive things the extension would bring to Botswana.
Minister of Education Jacob Nkate said school fees were part of the government's cost recovery strategy, instituted as a result of the increasing demand for social services in the face of the country's declining revenue.
Trade and industry minister Jacob Nkate said this at the North West District community based natural resources management forum held at Riley's Hotel in Maun last week.
Nkate said in an effort to promote such participation, government set aside P8.
On the funding of community projects, Nkate said assistance would be made with the community required to bear part of the cost, especially for communities with established trusts, and those without funds would be channelled through the village development committees (VDCs.
Nkate said the aim of the forum was to provide a platform for dialogue, support and co-ordination, and bring together all stakeholders on an equal footing and neutral ground.
Neither Serowe nor Palapye were mentioned by the taskforce as suitable locations, but Nkate said the decision to locate the university in one of these areas was based on the fact that they both had good rail, road and water networks.
the fight against HIV/AIDS in the country.
Parliament when requesting money for his ministrys budget.
Nkate said that the policy is meant to facilitate the development of cooperatives in the country.
Speaking at a media briefing last Thursday, Nkate said the ministry is concerned about the number of deaths occurring in Malaysia.
Jacob Nkate was giving a keynote address at the Open Access leadership summit.
it would help in the diversification of the economy.
Nkate said Howard University in Washington DC, United States, is going to provide the education ministry with technical assistance as it develops a master plan for the university.