Ambassador to the US Lapologang Caesar Lekoa of Botswana

Lekoa is Botswana's ambassador to the United States (US.
Ambassador Lekoa says that Botswana has been blessed with wise leaders who believe, “The resources of the country belong to all the people.
Ambassador Lekoa says that as his country started from scratch, it was necessary for the government to take the lead in developing major industries, and to this day it controls the trade in diamonds, beef and other major exports as a way to assure the quality of Botswana’s exports and to make sure suppliers, miners and farmers, are paid a fair price for their products.
Ambassador Lekoa says his government invests 60 percent of the budget allocated to fighting HIV/AIDS on prevention, with emphasis on abstinence, promoted through the use of media, schools and public fora to try to achieve changes in behavior.
Ambassador Lekoa has served as the high commissioner of Botswana to Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda since 1996.
Indeed, unlike many of its neighbors, Lekoa says Botswana was never attracted to the idea of a one-party state.
To that end, Lekoa says he'd like to see Botswana diversify its economy into glass manufacturing, textiles and financial services.