Minister of Local Government Margaret Nasha of Botswana

About members of Survival International who roam their settlement, Nasha said democratic governments do not place restrictions on peoples freedom of expression and movement as long as they do not offend others.
and kindliness in their dealings with other people.
Botswana minister Margaret Nasha said that the children were brutally beaten some were subjected to rape, sodomy, attempted rape, defilement and incest.
Nasha said parents must provide support and guidance to their children as they are defenseless, innocent and vulnerable.
Nasha said that the position of Customary Court of Appeal is not inherited like bogosi but that any person can be appointed as long as the candidate meets all the requirements.
The Botswana Caucus for Women in Politics has elected the Minister of Local Government Margaret Nasha as its president.
Nasha was elected unopposed during the organisation's annual general meeting in Palapye.
particularly the financially excluded, to have access to financial services.
savings is vital for national development and the running of the economy.
Nasha said that Bahá'í children's classes teach “the oneness of humanity, the equality of boys and girls in the eyes of God, and the need for honesty and kindliness in their dealings with other people.
For her part Minister Margaret Nasha said it is pointless for people not to do their job thinking that the Minister was on the way out because another Minister will be appointed, We dont go to any school for training to be Ministers, she said.
Nasha said if indeed there are any issues in the Ministry those concerned will inform her.
According to MISA, Nasha had felt threatened by the comments made by Saleshando regarding the Lesetedi Commission Report, an inquiry into state land allocation in the capital, Gaborone.
Nasha said the Baha'i community, with its systematic training courses, was seeking to 'further the development of Botswana along moral and ethical lines.
The countrys Minister for Local Government Ms Margaret Nasha said yesterday that all expectant mothers should be admitted and assisted at the countrys health facilities regardless of their citizenship status.
Botswanas Local Government minister Margaret Nasha is calling on the nations Parliament to pass the a new childrens rights bill that would both domesticate the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and make sure that the best interest of the child is paramount in the performance of the functions of the various authorities tasked with protecting and caring for children.
Nasha was answering a question from Gaborone North MP, Keletso Rakhudu, who wanted to know if a 24 hours clinic for Gaborone North has been accommodated in the Tsholofelo Extension Block.
Speaking at a launch of a regional orphan-care initiative this week, Botswana's Land and Housing Minister Margaret Nasha was reported as saying that relatives often tried to take over the deceased parents' homes, as well as their cars and bank accounts.