Minister of Lands and Housing Nonofo Molefhi of Botswana

Molefhi is a first-time legislator who joined the National Assembly after the last general elections in 2004.
Molefhi has also served as a youth coordinator.
Molefhi is a Mongwato from Serowe although his name is often confused with the royal Molefis in Kgatleng.
Whether rightly or wrongly Molefhi has been considered a member of the Kedikilwe-Kwelagobe faction.
Molefhi is often described as a born again Christian.
Molefhi is calling for campaigns not only to embrace womens rights, but also for campaigns to assist men to come to terms with contemporary society and the goal of gender equality.
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Addressing a kgotla meeting at Kopong last week, Mr Molefhi said some Batswana sold land to foreigners who ultimately become rich while locals were impoverished.
Mr Molefhi said his ministry would embark.
Responding to a question at Ntlo Ya Dikgosi, Minister Molefhi said the ministry would not consider this because land was diminishing as a result of population.
ORAPA, 26th July 2007: The Member of Parliament for Selibe- Phikwe East, Nonofo Molefhi has commended Debswana for providing anti-retroviral drugs to its employees.
The Minister of Land Mr Nonofo Molefhi has told parliament that his Ministry has allocated land for mini stadia to the Bank of Botswana in 2004 at Block 5 and the Botswana National Sports Council in 2006, a piece of land in Block 6 in Gaborone.
Molefhi said land for recreational activities is always reserved whenever Development Plans and Detailed Layout Plans are prepared for settlements.
except for two cases dating back to 2006.
awaiting judgement as far back as three years.
discuss this articleThe chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on HIV/AIDS Nonofo Molefhi has said the money used to fight the pandemic in a year in Botswana can build five senior secondary schools.
Molefhi said Botswana spends 15 percent of its budget to fight HIV/AIDS and this has affected expenditure on other essential sectors, like education.
Molefhi said such plots remain undeveloped and that his ministry will not hesitate to repossess them one year after relocation.
Molefhi said the Housing Act is on the way to make sure that all issues that pertain to housing fall under one authority.
Molefhi said the policy is being revised.
Molefhi said to address the issue, the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) has been requested to review its installation charges.
Molefhi said as the area MP, the branch chairman could have included him in the vetting process but this never happened.
The source said he knows that Molefhi has never committed any crime that could make him to be vetted out.
It is also rumoured that one candidate wishing to challenge Molefhi is not a registered voter hence he does not qualify for the primaries.
Officiating at Barclays Bank's Eagle Awards in Selebi-Phikwe on Saturday, the Minister of Lands and Housing Nonofo Molefhi said fraud and loss of clients' money militates against efforts designed to attract new investment that can grow the economy.
Molefhi said electronic crime requires vigilance and strict internal controls to assure clients that their savings are safe and secure.
Molefhi said a sound risk management capability largely depends on banks' internal controls and procedures, particularly designing and implementing prudent credit policies within the overall policy framework.
Molefhi said Barclays Bank was one of the pre-eminent banking institutions in the world and had built a reputation through the years.