Minister of Labor and Home Affairs Peter Siele of Botswana

Mr Siele was responding to a question from Gaborone South MP, Mr Akanyang Magama, who asked the Minister of Education to state the number of Batswana who were sent abroad to study medicine but did not return to Botswana upon completion of their studies since 1998.
Mr Siele said lawmakers asked for the appreciation that while his ministry trained these doctors, their recruitment and retention is the responsibility of another ministry.
Siele said he had received many complaints from workers calling upon him to dismantle the department of labour because it takes sides and favours employers.
Siele said that the recent inspection at Dikgatlhong Dam discovered that out of 107 Chinese workers, 43 of them did not have permits and they were charged together with their employer.
Siele said the plan was rejected after the two-and-a-half- metre-high fence failed to function as expected owing to rampant vandalism and other undisclosed reasons.
Mr Siele said this when addressing a kgotla meeting in Mmathethe.
On what are the particulars of the procedure to be followed, Siele has stated that the procedure is that the unions concerned (BOPEU and the MWU) are required to conduct a vote by secret ballot at a general meeting supervised by the Registrar of Trade Unions.
AGBIOS :: HOME ::News ItemE-Mail StoryPrinter readyBotswana: Public Must Be Involved in GMO Decisions - SieleAuthor: Tuduetso SetsibaPublication: Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)Date: Thursday, April 06, 2006Involvement of the public in decision-making process on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) is critical, Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Peter Siele has said.
Siele said the framework would lead to regulation of the use of modern biotechnology in order for the country to benefit.
Jwaneng Mine General Manager Balisi Bonyongo handed over a flame symbolic of a shining light which Assistant Minister of Education Peter Siele was encouraged to ‘keep a burning light.
Assistant Minister Siele said that the handing over would not only add numbers to the Adult Education programme, but would also add value and quality to the Programme.
NIIT moulds Botswana entrepreneurs Business studies should instill a sense of entrepreneurship in the minds of those studying it, Botswanas Assistant Minister of Education, Peter Siele said at the NIIT graduation ceremony in Gaborone He commended NIIT for their contribution towards provision of Information Communication Technology (ICT) training at a time when the country had to embrace the changes brought about by the IT age.
Also addressing the workshop, Assistant Minister of Agriculture Peter Siele said the involvement of the public in the decision-making process on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is critical, and the public must choose what is appropriate.
Siele said the Bill sought to make consequential amendments to other laws to bring about equality between spouses whom marital power placed on the legal capacity of a wife and replace it with equal powers.
Siele was speaking at the beginning of a three-day assertiveness training and gender sensitisation workshop for aspiring women politicians at the President Hotel.
Botswana's Chief Immigration Officer Peter Siele said his office had no record of him entering country.
Peter Siele said the total estimated cost of erecting the fence was about P35 million.
However, Siele said the electrification had not worked as expected mainly because of vandalism and design constraints as the fence covered a distance of about 500km.
However, Mr Siele said the project was abandoned after the fence failed to function as expected owing to rampant vandalism and other undisclosed reasons.
Mr Siele was responding to questions by a Member of Parliament for a constituency along the Zimbabwe Botswana border who wanted to know why the government had changed its plans.
Answering a question in Parliament, the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Peter Siele said six prisoners have been recommitted to custody while three are remands for offences of murder and armed robbery and the other three are convicts for offences of stock theft.
Officially opening this year's annual four-day labour officers' conference at the Desert Sands Hotel in Palapye on Monday, Siele said ever since he was appointed to the ministry last April, his office had been inundated with reports that "labour officers are corrupt and easily bribed.
Siele said while he acknowledged that the work of labour officers was varied and complex, he challenged the officers to be transparent and to perform their duties with diligence.
about P35 million and that government is reviewing its design.
Botswana agriculture minister Peter Siele said the government was aware of the problem of cattle rustling along the border with Zimbabwe.
Siele said police patrols were being intensified on both sides of the border while efforts to find a lasting solution to illegal immigration and cross-border crime were being sought out.