Minister of Transportation Alfredo Nascimento of Brazil

tender for a concession to build and operate such a line.
A source close to Transport Minister Alfredo Nascimento said a viability study prepared last year pointed to the need for an international tender for a concession to build and operate such a line.
The project cannot be done at the public expense," the source said, adding Nascimento was "an enthusiast" of the bullet train idea, which would put Brazil in line with a global trend.
But Mr Nascimento said the troops had acted threateningly towards him and the other MPs even though the men had clearly identified themselves.
com) - Alfredo Nascimento has taken charge of Brazil's transport ministry starting Monday (Mar15), the transport ministry said on its website.
Nascimento was elected the senator of Amazonas earlier this month.
Mr Nascimento said the incident happened as he and fellow MPs Francisco Araujo and Fernando Dias Gusmao were involved in a peaceful meeting with Reinado, who is wanted on eight counts of murder.
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