Minister of Labor and Employment Carlos Lupi of Brazil

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That was a 60 percent over the 126,992 formal jobs created in July 2007, Labor Minister Carlos Lupi said in a statement.
RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct 20 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's Labor Minister Carlos Lupi said on Monday that the country's employment situation will not be affected by the ongoing global financial crisis.
At a meeting with other labor ministers from the Common Market of the South (Mercosur), Lupi said the crisis is serious, but has yet to force Brazilian export companies to cut jobs.
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Labor Minister Carlos Lupi said that the PAC has boosted job creation in industry.
Lupi said the announcement of road renovations around the country and other infrastructure operations has affected the job market.
Minister of Labor Carlos Lupi said he expected the figure to amount to 1.
Lupi said he did not believe the current global financial crisis would affect such performance, as the domestic demand is heated, making up for the fall in sales abroad.
Labour Minister Carlos Lupi said the country's economy will see an estimated 4.
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