Minister of Environment Carlos Minc of Brazil

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Minc is married and has two children.
Minc was one of the founding members of the Green Party, together with Fernando Gabeira, Alfredo Sirkis, and others.
Minc was elected Member state for the first time in 1986, in coalition with Workers' Party.
In 1989, Minc received the Global Award 500, granted by the United Nations to those who stand out in the defence of the environment in the world.
Wednesday Environment minister Carlos Minc said the government will delay.
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Minc was speaking after data showed 1,123 square km (433 sq.
Minc said high global food prices were one reason for latest spike in deforestation.
dam projects planned for the Amazon.
New environment minister Carlos Minc is currently the environment secretary in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
His new post will pit him against powerful federal ministries and agencies, our correspondent says, and without the personal support of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva he may struggle to ensure environmental issues are at the centre of Amazon policy.
BRASILIA, Brazil - The number of animals on the verge of extinction in Brazil has nearly tripled in the last two decades, Environment Minister Carlos Minc said Tuesday.
BRASILIA, Brazil, September 30, 2008 (ENS) - A Brazilian government agency that provides land to settlers is the largest illegal logger in the Amazon rainforest and could face criminal prosecution, Environment Minister Carlos Minc said Monday.
Minc said he plans to create a federal force to fight environmental crimes with 3,000 armed agents under Ibama who will act to deter illegal logging.
Minc said he will use a donation of 6 million euros from the European Union and an equivalent amount from the Brazilian government to implement a limited-use Forest District along the unpaved BR-163 highway.
Minc said he intends to create a work group to define conservation units along the BR-319 highway from Manaus to Porto Velho.
Science news articles about 'carlos minc'Brazil environment chief sworn inBrazil's new Environment Minister Carlos Minc takes office as economic pressure on the Amazon region rises.
Minc said the cattle would be auctioned in two weeks and the proceeds go to Fome Zero, as well as to health programs for indigenous peoples and to finance cattle removal operations.
Minc said that thanks to operations like those announced on Tuesday, ranchers with cattle in embargoed and protected areas such as indigenous reservations and forestry reserves are starting to move their herds for fear of having their livestock confiscated.
Brazil's new Environment Minister Carlos Minc said he was shocked by the report, and that one of his first acts in his new post would be to open an inquiry into the matter.
Former Rio de Janeiro state Environment Secretary Carlos Minc is expected to take the post on May 27.
Minc said on Sunday that he would propose President Lula da Silva making Brazils armed forces play a more active role in protecting national parks, Indian reserves and the Amazon rain forest.
Minc said the soaring prices of soybean and meat have given additional incentive to the illegal farming invasion and deforestation of the Amazon.
Defending the government's measures as the right thing to do, Minc said its aim is to substitute a model of sustainable development for a predatory model of production.
I'm not embarrassed of what I do," Minc said in an interview at his Rio de Janeiro home.
Minc has also asked for an environmental police force of 3,000 people and worked to secure more funding for preservation through the Amazon Fund, a program created under his predecessor to pay for conservation.
Minc said he expects to be criticized by all sides and sometimes finds it useful.
We have to consider that when Marina Silva left the ministry and Minc was invited in, there were a lot of demands put on his shoulders.
Brazil's Environment Minister Carlos Minc said the plan should prevent 4.
Environment Minister Carlos Minc said the plan would slow destruction by 72 percent when compared to the 7,330 square miles (19,000 square kilometers) lost on average each year between 1996 and 2005.
Environment Minister Carlos Minc says the riot will not deter anti-logging efforts.
Carlos Minc was sworn in as Brazil's environment minister on Tuesday.
Minc has also disclosed a list of the top 100 agents of deforestation, which puts the government agency for colonization and agrarian reform (INCRA) as the top deforestation agent of the Amazon.
Mediatic or not, the fact is that deforestation rates are on the increase and as difficult as it is to disentangle the network of interests which converge to maintain such high rates of deforestation in the Amazon, Carlos Minc is using the tools that he has in order to tackle the problem.
Minc is likely to enter into conflict with Roberto Mangabeira Unger, head of Brazil’s newest cabinet post, the Strategy and Coordination Ministry.
Mr Minc is a prominent environmental campaigner but has admitted he is not an expert on the Amazon.
Carlos Minc says he wants to maintain the priorities of his predecessor, but it is clear there are other competing claims.
Hey colleagues, get ready! Minc is coming.
Minc is good at manipulating words, ideas and concepts, just like his new boss, Lula.
In this case, Minc has limited himself to banter the provocation addressed at him.
Compared to his predecessor, the discreet Marina Silva, someone who reminds US of an orchid in its fragile exuberance and a very symbol of the cause, Carlos Minc is closer to a mad chainsaw sweeping a soybean plantation.
Minc said that all such licenses in future would come with similar conditions.
Minc was a founder member of the Brazilian Green Party but later changed to the Workers' Party of current President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.
The price of meat and soy has skyrocketed and there is a historic relationship between prices and deforestation," Minc said as he announced the new measures late Monday.