Chief of the Civilian Household of the Presidency Dilma Rousseff of Brazil

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Dilma Rousseff was born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais on December 14, 1947.
Dilma Rousseff joined the resistance movement against the military dictatorship in the mid 1960s, acting in left-wing guerrilla groups such as the Palmares Armed Revolutionary Vanguard (Vanguarda Armada Revolucionária Palmares) , Comando de Libertação Nacional (National Liberation Command) and the Política Operária (Worker's Politics.
By the late 1970s, Rousseff married political militant Carlos Araújo and settle in Rio Grande do Sul, where they had a daughter.
Rousseff took part in the restructuring movement of the Brazilian Labour Party, connected to the group of Leonel Brizola.
Rousseff was named secretary of Energy during the government of Alceu Collares in Rio Grande do Sul, between 1991 and 1995.
Rousseff is also the chairman of the board of directors of the Brazilian oil company Petrobras and is considered a possible presidential candidate for the Worker's Party in the 2010 elections.
In this combination of photos Brazil's Presidency Chief of Staff Dilma Rousseff is seen in a photo taken in 2004, left, and in a photo released by the Brazilian Presidency during a ceremony in Sao Paulo.
SA), Mining and Energy Minister Dilma Rousseff has done little to soothe foreign investor nerves.
Rousseff is divorced and has one daughter.
As for the sector's model, Rousseff has promised to come up with a plan by July.
Her plan may involve a wider use of wind power in Brazil, which Rousseff has advocated in the past using a quotation from Bob Dylan: The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.
OIL SECTOR SEEKING GUIDELINESRousseff is also responsible for the oil and gas sector, which analysts say needs urgent attention as well.
So far, Rousseff has been focused mainly on fuel pricing, which is key for inflation.
Rousseff has said local fuel prices should continue to depend on world oil prices, but the government has to work out a mechanism to protect the population from sharp fluctuations.
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Rousseff remains in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil, where last Saturday she underwent facial plastic surgery.
Despite being Lula's favorite, Rousseff has no political experience and is unknown among the general public.
Indeed, Rousseff has been a driving force behind getting the private sector more involved in infrastructure projects for example, something that is highly controversial even here in the "free-market" United States.
Lead Series Sponsor:Event Sponsors: Biography:Dilma Vana Rousseff received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in 1977, and received her Master’s degree in Economic Theory from the University of Campinas in São Paulo in 1979.
Brazils cabinet chief Dilma Rousseff is currently visiting Japan where she was approached by the corporations.
The contract will become effective subject to the implementation of the financing, (by the French company) which should take place in the coming monthsMs Dilma Rousseff is in Tokyo for the celebration of the Japanese immigration to Brazil 100th anniversary.
Inacio Lula da Silvas chief of staff said.
Television interview in Washington.
championship, Rousseff said today.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " SAO PAULO, Dec 18 (Reuters) - A global financial crisis will reduce the amount of foreign direct investment that comes into Brazil in 2009, the Brazilian government's chief of staff Dilma Rousseff said in a speech on Thursday.
Dilma Rousseff said in a speech on Thursday.
Rousseff said at an event in Sao Paulo.
This is about preserving the country's sovereignty, while maintaining the auction with areas that are not linked to the discovery," cabinet chief Dilma Rousseff said at a news conference, explaining the decision to pull blocks linked to the find from a concessions auction on Nov 27-28.
Like a stern mother scolding disobedient children, President Lula´s Chief-of-Staff Dilma Rousseff has threatened the Madeira dams consortia that if they go to court to contest the terms of project concessions, the Brazilian government will build the dams itself.
month doesnt threaten to swell the governments deficit.
In an e-mail to Dow Jones Newswires, a Unica spokeswoman wrote"Unica president Eduardo Pereira de Carvalho said the meeting with Minister Dilma Rousseff was productive and he is optimistic as to a decision about the mix in coming weeks.
Since the accusation against her is indirect, Ms Rousseff is likely to survive.
Brazilian Energy Minister Dilma Rousseff has said that any aid given to Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) by Brazilian national oil company Petrobras would be "strictly commercial," according to news reports.
According to a separate report byFolha de Sao Paulo, Rousseff said that the main aim of the reform would be to end the so-called fiscal war between states, but she indicated that there were no plans to recreate the CPMF tax in the reform.
Speaking at the start of a five-day international conference on biofuels, presidential chief of staff Dilma Rousseff said Brazil will soon unveil an agricultural zoning plan to specify where crops across Latin America's largest nation can be grown for fuel and food.
Rousseff said Brazil must strike down the myth that cane fields are invading the Amazon, but critics say sugarcane-ethanol plantations already operate in the Amazon, and that some plan to expand.
Dilma Rousseff is the new Chief of Staff, replacing ex-Minister José Dirceu.
Rousseff had been the Minister of Energy.
Rousseff had been Secretary of Finances and Secretary of Energy of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.
Rousseff was an activist during the dictatorship period.
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