President, Central Bank Henrique Meirelles of Brazil

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Meirelles was appointed Central Bank President of Brazil in 2003.
key role under the Menem government, in spearheading the country into a deep-seated economic and social crisis.
But the Age Palocci will only arrive in fact at the end if Meirelles is dispatched of the presidency of Central Bank of Brazil.
What the nation expects of Meirelles is that he preserves Brazilian international reserves, which two months ago amounted US.
Meirelles is killing the industry and making this country a country of players on high interest rates.
market debt at WestLB Asset Management in London.
has conducted with competence and public spirit.
he welcomed the probe to help clear the allegations.
It's one of the most sophisticated buildings in Latin America and we built it, Meirelles said proudly.
But despite his professed fondness for his days at BankBoston and the Back Bay home he left in 2002 to return to Brazil, Meirelles has little time to look back.
In the 1970s, Fish worked as an economics instructor in Rio de Janerio for a US aid program and Meirelles was his hardest-working student.
Meirelles described his relations with Lula as friendly.
Although one was born into privilege and the other into poverty, Meirelles said the two respect each other and see eye to eye on economic policy.
Media reports alleged Meirelles had evaded taxes before he taking the top job at the Central Bank in 2003.
Meirelles said that loan and swap operations, as well as dollar sales in the futures and spot markets, carried out by the BC over the last weeks in order to stabilize exchange rates and increase liquidity in the export credit area, have not compromised the level of foreign reserves, which currently stand at US$ 204 billion.
Meirelles said that the BC has 47 billion reais (US$ 21.
It so happens that Lula's Central Bank president, Henrique Meirelles was a staunch supporter of Argentina's controversial Finance Minister Domingo Cavallo, who played a key role under the Menem government, in spearheading the country into a deep-seated economic and social crisis.
kept growth moderate and inflation in check.
The role of Henrique Meirelles has indeed changed, and fast.
Lessa was forced to resign on Nov 18, 2004, after making public statements criticizing the monetarist policy that Meirelles was imposing through the Central Bank, as a nightmare.
For his part, Meirelles is today facing prosecution on charges of tax fraud and illegal international currency transfers.
spearheading the country into a deep-seated economic and social crisis.
Meirelles has been commanding the same operations, in its reverse order.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " By Walter Brandimarte MIAMI, April 5 (Reuters) - Brazil's central bank chief Henrique Meirelles said on Saturday the government was committed to a floating currency rate and inflation targets, but did not deny reports that some government.
be discussing changes to those regimes.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " (Adds quote, background) RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug 24 (Reuters) - Brazilian central bank President Henrique Meirelles said on Friday that gradual, persistent base rate movements were the best monetary policy tactic in times of market volatility.
tactic in times of market volatility.
Central Bank President Henrique Meirelles says Brazil will loan up to $4.