Vice President Jose Alencar of Brazil

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Alencar was evasive and he refused to answer the questions directly.
Alencar said Brazil repudiates narcotrafficking and that "if the organization adopts crime as an instrument for raising resources, obviously it is something that must be combated.
In office Alencar has often criticized his own administration for failing to lower interest rates.
Despite his disagreements with some Lula administration policies, Alencar was officially invited by Lula to once again be his running mate in the 2006 general elections.
Alencar is here for the first meeting of a China-Brazil High-level Coordination and Cooperation Committee.
thoughts and said he would not approve the measure, Mr.
while a weeping environment minister, Marina Silva, looked on.
Alencar said during a recent interview here when asked about the unfriendly reception.
Alencar had decided to manufacture clothing as well as sell it.
A nationalist, Alencar was misunderstood by his contemporaries when he advocated the literary use of a truly national language, despite the common use of the Portuguese language in Brazil without changes.
But in the same year, Alencar was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and died in Rio de Janeiro after an unsuccessful attempt to cure himself in Europe.
Alencar was born into a family of smallentrepreneursfromMuriaé, in the inland state ofMinas Geraison October 17, 1931, he was the eleventh son of Antônio Gomes da Silva and Dolores Peres Gomes da Silva.
Alencar was the son of an important senator,José Martiniano de Alencar, and the cousin of the later, Ana Josefina de Alencar.
but also a benefit !!! Should Alencar replace Lula, you should have a short term exodus of capital ! That will be good because without government intervention you currency should weaken and make you again more competitive or more profitable for your exports ! Alencar said the first thing he would do is reduce interest rates.
Alencar said that the presence of the Army troops on the city streets and in the slums over the past few days had been beneficial, lowering crime rates.
Alencar said he had informed president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva that the Army had recovered its stolen weapons.
Alencar was one of the founders of modern Brazilian literature.
his previous running mate and current vice-president Jose Alencar is being retained.
Vice President Alencar has become one of the administration.
Alencar is critical, for instance, of the high interest rates charged for short-term loans for business by Brazil's central bank.
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RIO DE JANEIRO -- Brazilian Vice President Jose Alencar has been hospitalized for enteritis - inflammation of the intestinal tract - and will undergo treatment for an undetermined period of time, his doctors said Sunday.
Tests showed that Alencar is suffering from inflammation of the mucous membrane of the small intestine, the hospital's public affairs office said.
Since being diagnosed with cancer, Alencar has undergone seven operations and chemotherapy.
The 76-year-old Alencar had surgery two years ago to remove cancerous tissues from his abdomen.
Alencar has suffered from cancer for years, and has so far undergone six operations in an attempt to keep the illness under control.
nationalist, well equipped to defend Brazil’s interests on the global stage.
Rio de Janeiro, Nov 30, 2008 (EFE via COMTEX) -- Brazilian Vice President Jose Alencar has been hospitalized for enteritis - inflammation of the intestinal tract - and will undergo treatment for an undetermined period of time.
Brazil and China should make concerted efforts to explore more potential areas of bilateral cooperation, Brazilian Vice President Jose Alencar said Wednesday.