Minister of Social Security Jose Pimentel of Brazil

Joana Pimentel was born about 1727 in Caldeira and died before 1788.
Serafina Pimentel was born in Barreira Vermelha.
Re: Pimentel is a Jewish surname in origin - G.
On one or two occasions during this period, Pimentel took heroin from a storage location to the point of sale; at other times, he helped to supervise the workers.
Morell's testimony was easily sufficient to establish that Pimentel had become a member of the Cruz narcotics conspiracy, of which Morell and Berroa were also members; that the gun was routinely kept in the compartment with the money and drugs for the purpose of protecting the drugs; that on the evening in question, Morell, Berroa, and Pimentel all had reason to believe that the gun was in the compartment; and that Morell and Berroa had collaborative access to the gun, as Berroa opened the compartment, which was directly in front of Morell as he sat in the back seat and removed drugs from the compartment.
In sum, read as a whole, the instructions adequately informed the jury of what it needed to find in order to conclude that Pimentel had "carried" the gun in violation of § 924(c.
We note that the judgment entered in the district court stated that Pimentel was convicted of use and "possession" of a firearm in violation of § 924(c), rather than use and carrying.
Great expectations Luz Pimentel has always been a hardworking student.
José Pimentel came to Texas in the 1970s with his family to explore.
Luz Pimentel has experienced life here and nowhere else.
Luz Pimentel has received many awards throughout her academic and extracurricular career.
With her several scholarships, Luz Pimentel has the money for a great education and an equivalent passion.
Notables, for other reasons, are Mario PIMENTEL, who is the hero of the Clan - colonial war fighter former cop too! Estrela Pimentel is the heroine.
By Katia Cortes and Carla Simoes, Bloomberg.
More workers earning better salaries is adding to more pension contributions,'' Pimentel said in a Bloomberg Television interview at his office in Brasilia.
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to the US with his family when he was 13 years old.
the Order of Preachers, also known as the Dominicans.
University of Utah and the University of San Diego.
commission as Lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve.
José Pimentel was born in the Azores, Portugal and immigrated to the US with his family at the age of 14.