Minister of Defense Nelson Azevedo Jobim of Brazil

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Nelson Azevedo Jobim is a Brazilian jurist and politician.
Each visit had a different composition and intention – Nelson Jobim is a minister who promotes the government’s policy but Heráclito Fortes and his team are senators from various parties and perform a congressional oversight role – but both share common ambitions.
Mr Jobim had advised that the CSD would aim at dealing with what he called   “low intensity conflicts that may spread out of control.
Mr Jobim had pronounced that “It is Brazil’s duty to be in Haiti because Brazil is a major power.
And Jobim is a demagogue and a governist.
GUYANA-AID-Brazil to provide assistance to Guyana GEORGETOWN, Guyana, CMC – Brazil’s Defence Minister Nelson Azevedo Jobim has ended a visit to Guyana promising to provide assistance to beef up.
Jobim is touring several military locations in the US.
Last week, Mr Jobim came bearing gifts and signed an agreement to supply military equipment and to provide more training in Brazilian military schools.