Minister of Justice Tarso Genro of Brazil

The Ministry of Education Tarso Genro is a defender of the external control: "I am enthusiastic about the external control.
But, the country's justice minister Tarso Genro said that there was no proof directly linking this scandal to Rondeau.
Tarso Fernando Herz Genro is a Brazilian politician, and a member of the Workers' Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores.
Following his service as interim president, Genro was a top political adviser to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the current President of Brazil, during the contentious, but quite successful, 2006 Presidential campaign.
Genro said it was a policy to separate the good ones from the bad.
Brasília, 30 - Agronomist Luís Carlos Guedes Pinto will replace Roberto Rodrigues as Brazil's agriculture minister, Political Coordination Minister Tarso Genro said Friday.
Genro said there would be "no rupture" in the work that has been done by the Brazilian Agriculture Ministry.
But Genro has staked out a clear position in the emerging debate over public spending in Brazil.
Yesterday Genro discussed the overall Brazilian political and economic scenario at an Alternatives Foundation event attended by around 30 intellectuals and leaders from labor unions, student associations, and social movements.
Mr Genro is the candidate of the majority camp but.
Genro said that the government would undertake actions to motivate support, such as more effective anti-corruption measures and political reforms aimed at eliminating the causes of illegal "parallel financing" of election campaigns.
Genro was designated PT president in July, after his predecessor, Jos Genoino, stepped down in the midst of the current crisis.
of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Genoino, stepped down in the midst of the current crisis.
Tarso Genro was a member of the Communist Party of Brazil (PC do B.
But Justice Minister Tarso Genro said the law was inadequate and should not cover human rights abuses.
The military regime never fell here -- there was a big political and social agreement and the law reflects that transition, Genro said in an interview late on Tuesday.
Genro is the most senior government official to support human rights trials and his statement could encourage judges to become more active.
Genro said that only those who carried out the torture rather than those who ordered it could be punished, but his comments still riled the military, which has long resisted any attempts to reopen the past.
Tarso Genro has his own website (in Portuguese.
Tarso Genro is Porto Alegre's Mayor.
Tarsi Genro says that they are fighting the evil effects - social exclusion, violence, unemployment and extreme poverty - of causes which they can't control.
Genro has been asked to appear before the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee to explain the arrest and deportation of the boxers.