Vice President Angel Marin of Bulgaria

Marin was born in Batak and completed his high school education in Devin in 1960.
Cheech Marin is set to direct and star in the dramedy Angel of Oxnard for HighRoad Entertainment.
According to Variety, Marin is best known as one-half of the comedy duo Cheech and Chong.
Marin is on a nationwide tour with Tommy Chong.
Marin has a three-book deal with HarperCollins for a series of children's books, with a fourth scheduled for release in 2009 aimed at adults.
Marin has recently been on tour with Tommy Chong, he also has.
The most convenient way to get to Angel Island from Marin is via the Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry.
No wonder Marin was such an incredible friend to everyone.
As we were leaving she said, "I feel so sad" I asked her why and she said, "Because Marin is gone.
I am so sorry to hear that Marin is not in this world anymore.
Marin was such a special young lady with so many gifts.
Crocodile tears and solid laughter throughout it all! Our hats off to ya’ll, Marin is finally resting after a very long race.
Your family handled everything with poise and grace, just like the example Marin has set for others.
As many said last night, "Marin has forever changed US.
This was a few months after Marin had underwent the gamma knife and when I walked up to the table Marin said so loudly and clear as day, " Hey! Hi Karen!" My heart melted and I got chicken skin.
You are a great family and i'm sure that Marin is probably looking down on you and smiling for all the wonderful memories you gave her, all of the people that loved her and were there for her no matter what.
Marin was so blessed to have yall for a family.
Marin was a great girl and I remember her how she was when she was just little.
Marin has encouraged and inspired US.
Nightwing thinks that maybe Angel Marin is cleaning out his own mob, laughing at them.
Elsewhere Angel Marin is sitting in a cell, he is interrogated through an intercom, most likely by the new mob boss, the "true power" in Blüdhaven, but the interrogator remains hidden.
Marin is asked for the details of his organization, and reveals payoffs, kickbacks, suppliers, accounts, legit and not-so-legit receipts.