Minister of Environment and Waters Djevdet Chakurov of Bulgaria

Chakurov said that, practically, the parks status has not been changed yet.
Chakurov had said on August 2 that a 30-year gold mining concession deal with a Canadian company needed revision because it did not suit Government interests.
Both projects won the approval of the Economy and Energy Ministry, but Chakurov has so far refused to grant final approval, saying he wanted to consider all aspects of the case.
Bulgaria insisted the tenders to be introduced gradually by 2020, Chakurov said as quoted in a media statement.
Chakurov said that some terrains, found within the three municipalities will also become part of the network.
Danube oil spill caused two million leva damage in Bulgaria09:00 Mon 16 Oct 2006-Petar KostadinovThe Danube River oil spill caused more than two million leva damage, Environmental and Water Affairs Minister Djevdet Chakurov said October 9.
Chakurov said that not a single dead fish or aquatic bird has been found.
Environment Minister Djevdet Chakurov had prolonged a decision on the second permit by returning documents to the four companies, while the company with the first license, Ekobultech managed to get a 35% market share in the market for recycling of electronic waste.
Chakurov said that the ban was not going to be all-inclusive, yet the coastal nature needed to be preserved.
Environment Minister Djevdet Chakurov met with British Ambassador Steve Williams to discuss Bulgaria's position on the European Commission's decision to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission allowances in the National Allocation Plans for 2007 and for the 2008-2012 trading period and to ask Britain for support.
Environment and Water Minister Djevdet Chakurov met Wednesday business people to discuss Bulgaria's position on the European Commission decision to cut the greenhouse emission quotas for this country, BTA reports.
Chakurov said he would like to get the opinion of Economy Minister Roumen Ovcharov, before the project is launched.
Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony Chakurov said that waste water treatment plants will be built in all Black Sea municipalities and major resorts.
The company said that the Bulgarian authorities have not completed an approval process for the Ada Tepe mining project near Krumovgrad, due last November, although the Environment and Water Ministry's Djevdet Chakurov had said the company's environmental study of the mine complied with the country's laws.
Chakurov is on a visit to Brussels where he met members of the Committee for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety at the European Parliament.
Environment and Water Affairs Minister Djevdet Chakurov has issued an order forbidding construction for a year at Kaliakra, a natural site on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast whose preservation has been.
Chakurov said that he personally will take responsibility for watching closely the issue and preventing the national park from damage.
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Chakurov expressed his position before members of the Bourgas municipal council work committee.