Minister of European Affairs Gergana Grancharova of Bulgaria

Gergana Grancharova was ellected Friday the new Bulgaria's EU-Affairs Minister.
Gergana Grancharova was born on June 14, 1973 in the town of Plovdiv.
In 2004 Grancharova was appointed deputy foreign affairs minister in the ex-king's cabinet and remained in office in the present governmental structure.
Minister Grancharova says she is happy that she contributed to national causes such as Bulgaria's accession to the EU and NATO.
PHARE is already history", Grancharova said and added: "It is very important that the judicial system feels sympathetic and gives its contribution", so that Bulgaria can prove to the EU that when problems are pointed.
The preservation of the perspective for expansion must not be excluded from the overall image of the new EU treaty, the Bulgarian Minister of EU affairs Gergana Grancharova said in an interview for FOCUS News Agency.
Minister Grancharova is probably the last minister from an EU Member State to visit Belgrade before the meeting of the EU Council of Foreign Ministers next week.
Deputy Foreign Minister Gergana Grancharova said her government believes the nurses are innocent and that such a payment could be seen as buying their freedom and an admission of guilt.
Gergana Grancharova is Minister of European Affairs and former MP of the Simeon II National Movement and Deputy Foreign Minister (2004-2007.
Montenegro to sign SAA Monday after compromise with Bulgaria on "euro" spelling14/10/2007SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Deputy Foreign Minister Gergana Grancharova says Bulgaria will not prevent Montenegro from signing a Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU on Monday (October 15th), now that a compromise has been reached over the spelling of "euro" in the document.
I would rather accept criticism against me than questioning the necessity of a Minister of EU Affairs”, the newly elected Minister of EU Affairs Gergana Grancharova said in an interview for BNT.
I will try to preserve the good practices and traditions of the previous Minister of European Affairs”, the new Minister of European Affairs in Bulgaria Gergana Grancharova said in the country’s Parliament, a reporter of FOCUS News Agency informed.
Gergana Grancharova was appointed Deputy Minister of European Affairs in the Cabinet of Simeon Saxe-Coburg in 2004 and stayed at this post in the cabinet of the current Prime Minister of Bulgaria Sergey Stanishev in 2005.
I am convinced that Gergana Grancharova is the suitable candidate for this post, having in mind her serious experience as politician, public figure and administrator during the recent years’, Stanishev said.
SOFIA) - The European Commission on Monday lifted restrictions on Bulgarian airlines imposed last December for safety concerns, Bulgaria's European Affairs Minister Gergana Grancharova said Monday.
At a press conference Grancharova said she remains absolutely open to any question that will be posted to the Web site if it is placed in a correct and constructive manner.
The FINANCIAL -- According to EUbusiness, the European Commission on September 8 lifted restrictions on Bulgarian airlines imposed last December for safety concerns, Bulgarias European Affairs Minister Gergana Grancharova said on September 8.
Grancharova said that the construction business in Bulgaria was considerably fragmented.
While Grancharova was concentrating on construction issues, new data released showed that office rents in downtown Sofia have increased by about 20 per cent since the beginning of 2007.
The new Minister of the European Affairs Gergana Grancharova presented her views on the challenges in front of Bulgaria as an EU member to 50 representatives of the Bulgarian and international business, members and partners of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum.
Gergana Grancharova said Bulgaria's debut on the EU stage was marked by some positive events such as the release of the six medics from imprisonment in Libya and establishing the Cyrillic alphabet as an official one in the bloc.
EU Affairs Minister Gergana Grancharova has said that if accepted into the EU Turkey will play an important role in the currently unstable Balkans.