Minister of Justice Miglena Tacheva of Bulgaria

Bulgaria's Justice Minister Miglena Tacheva said she expects an objective EU report.
Tacheva said it was very important to settle properly the issue regarding the property of the civil servants.
Justice Minister Miglena Tacheva has called for urgent measures to reduce the spate of lawsuits alleging Bulgarian human rights violations.
Voicing concern about the increase in the number of applications filed with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) against Bulgaria in recent years, Justice Minister Miglena Tacheva has called for urgent measures to counter the alarming tendency.
Bulgaria has paid over 950,000 euros in damages awarded by the Strasbourg-based court since 1999, and another 76,000 euros under friendly settlements, Tacheva said at a roundtable in Sofia earlier this summer.
The new Justice Minister Tacheva said that she believed that Ganev wanted to have time to prepare for the PACE exam scheduled for September 18.
On September 4, Tacheva said that she was aware of the comments made by various NGOs about the lack of the transparency of the contest, but she held that from a formal point of view there was no problem because the Council of Europe provided no special regulations.
Brüner and Tacheva discussed the preparation of a list of companies suspected in EU funds malfeasances.
com/en/main/news/12551/After meeting Bruner on Thursday, Justice Minister Miglena Tacheva said the EU anti-corruption body urged Bulgaria to deliver concrete results in its investigations of alleged misuse of EU aid, which will lead to trials in court, the local internet daily Mediapool.
The European Commission will very likely have certain negative remarks as regards curbing corruption and organized crime, Miglena Tacheva said and added: “You know that the European Commission had a special mission in Bulgaria in this connection, and it is abundantly clear that much remains to be done in the light of efforts to fight corruption and organized crime – two major public enemies.
Minister Tacheva expressed appreciation for the work of the USAID Judicial Strengthening Initiative and Commercial Law Reform Program.
Commenting on judges’ remuneration schemes, Tacheva says its high time we took into account the quantity of work each of them does.