Minister of Public Administration Nikolai Vassilev of Bulgaria

Vassilev has worked in Lazard Capital Markets, UBS Warburg and SBC Warburg Dillion Read.
Vassilev is taking part in International Economic Forum Maritza that started on May 30 in the city of Plovdiv.
Vassilev said that he disagreed with claims that Romania attracted more foreign investment than Bulgaria.
Vassilev said that Bulgaria and China were important partners and the scope of their cooperation are very wide.
At 31, Vassilev is the youngest minister running a European economy.
Transport Minister Nikolai Vassilev said the EU candidate state aimed to choose by April next year the winning candidate for the concession to upgrade and operate the airports in Varna and Burgas.
No minimum investment threshold was set but Vassilev has said he expected the new operator to invest at least EUR60 million in each of the airports in the early years of the concession.
SOFIA (bnn)- Talking to journalists, State Administration Minister Nikolai Vassilev said he did not think that there would be a big investment programme to upgrade Bulgaria's border crossings soon, because of its cost: some 200 million leva, BTA reported.
which came third in the vote count.
5 per cent, Economy Minister Nikolai Vassilev said on Tuesday.
Vassilev said that indeed the criteria were high, but this was only because ‘we cannot afford US to fail.
Vassilev said that he would not make any compromises with the tender and that the state’s interest in the tender was preserved in the best possible way.
Vassilev said that BAIT’s request that public procurement procedure be stopped was not supported by all companies in the sector.
Vassilev said previously that the Government was ready to spend six million leva on the e-government project.
E-government was not the only problem that Vassilev has had to face recently.
Vassilev said that a further 200 checks would be conducted by the end of this year.
Bulgaria's deputy premier Nikolai Vassilev is proud of the free-market reforms his country has pushed through.
Before that Velchev and Economy Minister Nikolai Vassilev had a working breakfast with Citigroup Vice President Stanley Fischer.
Later in the day Economy Minister Nikolai Vassilev said that after a final decision is taken to set up a fund, the government will invite a competition for fund manager which willbe open for all banks and companies with relevant experience.
Vassilev said an e-trading law had been enacted and the ministry was working hard on an e-government law.
Transport minister Vassilev has reportedly requested ABA's cooperation in conceding Bulgarian airports to foreign entities, specifically the Varna and Bourgas airports, as well as for the Sofia airport reconstruction project, all scheduled for 2004.
The private airline companies can form a consortium to bid in the privatisation of the Bulgarian national carrier Bulgaria Air, Vassilev was quoted saying.
If the sale of the Bulgarian telecommunications Company is cancelled I will embark on the company's reformation, Vassilev said in a recent televised interview.
Administration Minister Nikolai Vassilev was quoted by local media as saying Bulgarian-made envelopes are just too small and ballot boxes may be too small, too.
Comments by martin - 12:16 07 May 2005 Nikolay Vassilev is a corrupted politician,who deserves to be punished.
Now that the owner of Bulgaria’s flag carrier is to change again, following an unsuccessful privatisation deal in 1999, Minister of Transport and Communications Nikolai Vassilev has expressed optimism about the future of Bulgaria Air.
Vassilev said that all that Bulgaria Air and Balkan Airlines had in common was that their names both started with “B.
Everything else was different, Vassilev said with a smile.
I am expecting by the end of this year’s tourist season that the company’s net profit will reach some several million leva,” Vassilev said and added that Bulgaria Air now has own capital of just 10 million leva.
Vassilev is aware that a company of even a billion euro revenue turnover might not be successful.
Intro: ECONOMY Minister Nikolai Vassilev has announced he expects the Privatisation Agency (PA) to require updated offers for tobacco holding Bulgartabac.
Speaking to journalists during a visit to Varna last Saturday, Vassilev said that the PA was making the necessary preparations.
Nikolai Vassilev has been appointed as a deputy prime minister and economy minister.
Minister Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (formerly King Simeon II) in July 2001.