Minister of Trade, Promotion of Enterprise, and Handicraft Mamadou Sanou of Burkina Faso

At the Reports launch ceremony in September, Commerce Minister Mamadou Sanou expressed the Governments satisfaction with the outcomes achieved by Burkina.
With photos) GENEVA, July 30 (KUNA) -- Burkina Faso Commerce Minister Mamadou Sanou said Wednesday that the unresolved issue of cotton would lead to the extinction of the industry in Africa because of government subsides for farmers in the United States and the European Union.
In a joint news conference with other African ministers, Sanou expressed his profound disappointment and said that for more than ten days the issue of cotton was not discussed.
China declared the result "a tragic failure", while Burkina Faso's Trade Minister Mamadou Sanou said that "we can hardly control our anger.
in the short term,” Burkina Faso Trade Minister Mamadou Sanou said on behalf of the Cotton Four group of African producers.
Burkina Fasos Commerce Minister Mamadou Sanou said Monday that the next Doha round of world trade negotiations should give priority to Africas critical but foundering cotton sector.
Sanou is the co-ordinator for the C4 group of West African cotton-producers, which since 2003 has been fighting for the cotton issue to be included in the Doha Round.