Prime Minister Tertius Zongo of Burkina Faso

Following the May 2007 parliamentary election, Zongo was appointed Prime Minister by President Blaise Compaore on 4 June 2007.
Zongo took office as Prime Minister on 11 June, succeeding Paramanga Ernest Yonli.
Until his appointment Monday, Zongo was Burkina Faso's ambassador to the UnitedStates, and also the west African country's representative to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund(IMF.
Ouagadougou authorities want to "achieve visible results and benefits" for both the population and for operators, PM Zongo said in a statement.
His Excellency, Tertius ZONGO was appointed Prime Minister Burkina Faso by executive order signed by President Blaise COMPAORE on June, 4, 2007.
ZONGO has earned a valuable experience in business and private sector in his service as Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and of Craft of Burkina Faso and as Director General of the National Office of Cereals.
ZONGO has been active in academia as well.
ZONGO is married to Priscille Yanogo, and has three children.
Ambassador to Washington Tertius Zongo is a dynamic advocate of his country's issues, but he recognizes the limits of what he can expect to accomplish by himself in Washington, and strongly supports efforts to get West African states to work together as a regional grouping that has largely common issues and concerns.
Ambassador Zongo is hopeful that a June meeting in Burkina's capital Ouagadougou that will bring representatives of the US Federal Agricultural Administration, the State Department and some US universities together with representatives of West African governments will move the current discussions forward to a substantive program of action.
Ambassador Zongo says Washington is both a difficult and easy place to work in for him.
But Ambassador Zongo is not the type to waste time griping.
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso - The Prime Minister of Burkina Faso Tertius Zongo has described his country’s situation as “stable” and “solid” despite the currently soaring prices of basic products and oil, APA learnt during first state of the nation address on Thursday.
Zongo said the Burkinabe nation conveys the image of a “will-oriented unremittingly working” people, which is “solid” and “unshakable in the gale.
Zongo described his statement as “realistic” and based on a “meticulous observation” of the country’s potential and history.
Since malaria is something that affects everyone, especially children, the foundation is quite welcome in Burkina Faso, Zongo said in a telephone conversation July 18 with Showalter translating from French, the countrys official language, to English.
Minister by President Blaise Compaore on June 4, 2007.
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