Minister-Delegate in Charge of Local Collectives Toussaint Abel Coulibaly of Burkina Faso

js */FREuropean CommissionEDD 2008Abel ToussaintCOULIBALYHomepageWelcomeMedia cornerNewsletterPrevious editionsEDD: THE FORUMAbout the forumPractical detailsAgendaDevelopment villageTwinningParticipantsPanellistsEDD: THE 'OFF'About the 'OFF'CompetitionsAbel Toussaint COULIBALYMinister in charge of Territorial entities - Burkina FasoSince 3rd September 2008, Abel Toussaint Coulibaly is Minister in charge of Local Authorities (Burkina Faso.
Abel Toussaint Coulibaly was born on 05 August 195 in Gaou, Poni Province, within the South-West part of the Burkina Faso.