Minister of Culture KHIN Aung myint of Burma

Khin Aung Myint is the Burmese Minister of Culture.
A senior official of the Burmese military government, Minister for Culture Maj-Gen Khin Aung Myint has arrived at the China-Burma border region in an attempt to lobby ethnic groups in Shan state—including ceasefire groups, such as the United Wa State Army, the Shan State Army-(North) and the Kokang armies—to support the government’s National Convention.
Khin Aung Myint has already visited Monglan, Panghsang and Kokang areas and is reported to have persuaded ceasefire groups in those areas to support the junta-sponsored “Seven-step Road Map” for democratic reform in Burma.
Maj-Gen Khin Aung Myint is former Director of Public Relations and Psychological Warfare under the Ministry of Defense and took over from Minister for Culture Maj-Gen Kyi Aung in 2006.
Khin Aung Myint is believed to be a junta hardliner and is also member of the government’s “Spoke Authoritative Team,”—the group that met with UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari—led by Information Minister Brig-Gen Kyaw Hsan, and including Foreign Minister Nyan Win and Liaison Minister Aung Kyi.
Khin Aung Myint is also a member of the Central Organizing Committee of the Myanmar War Veterans Organization.
Aung Myint received a PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award in 2002.
Professional details: Aung Myint is reportedly a well-known and respected poet in Burma.