Vice Chairman, State Peace and Development Council MAUNG Aye of Burma

I don’t think general Maung Aye is as bad as general Than Shwe.
Wed, Apr 2 09:35 PMNew Delhi, Apr 2 (ANI): Vice Chairman of Myanmar's ruling military junta Maung Aye today met President Pratibha Patil, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Minster of External Affairs Pranab Mukherjee.
Maung Aye has long been suspicious of the activities of international aid agencies.
When then military intelligence chief Khin Nyunt was arrested in October 2004, Maung Aye was dismayed when he discovered the extent and access international NGOs had got – especially in Shan state.
Maung Aye is the second highest-ranking member of the SPDC.
Maung Aye was appointed deputy commander-in-chief of the armed forces in 1993, and became Vice-Chairman of the State Law and Order Restoration Council (now the SPDC) in 1994.
Maung Aye is a career soldier who became the Vice Chairman in 1992.
For any uniformed soldier such covert operations by men not in uniform are anathema and Maung Aye was no exception.
loggerheads with ex-PM Khin Nyunt.
Unlike Than Shwe and Khin Nyunt, General Maung Aye comes from an educated family.
General Maung Aye was assisted by Deputy Military Intelligence Chief Major-General Kyaw Win who knew the defenses of the Ne Win residence.
at strengthening the bonds of friendship between India and Myanmar.
colleague of his having come here at the invitation of Advani.
vice-president Krishna Kant at Rashtrapati Bhavan.
in diversifying its economic and defence ties.
yesterday in Singapore in emergency.
especially with the dire affairs of the nation.
Gen Wattanachai said it was no secret that Gen Maung Aye was unhappy with the Wa which got Gen Khin Nyunt's permission to have its own security forces and a special administrative zone.
He has been watching them for a while,'' he said, adding that Gen Maung Aye was much disturbed with Gen Khin Nyunt's permission to let the Wa have its own administrative zone and own armed forces, with thousands of troops posted along border areas opposite Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.
Gen Maung Aye is a career soldier and a very serious man,'' he said.
for eviction in 2004, of the pro-China Khin Nyunt.
ever, and may well change the scenario.
On a personal level, Maung Aye has a reputation as a heavy drinker, while Khin Nyunt has a reputation as a workaholic and a teetotaler.
Realizing they have no mandate to rule and are despised by the population at large, the ruling generals maintained a united front.
Despite confidence that he could stage a successful coup whenever he chose, however, Maung Aye has reportedly dismissed the idea.
Who eventually gets the role is a matter of considerable speculation, as Maung Aye is required to rubber stamp any proposal.
Maung Aye has been off public scene, making only one appearance during the meeting between Junta leaders Senior General Than Shwe and visiting the UN chief Ban Ki-moon, after the deathly cyclone torn the country in May 2 – 3.
People’s Democratic Republic, who had completed his tour of duty, at Zeyathiri Beikman Hall on Konmyinttha, here, at 8 am today.
Maung Aye is a blunt, insular army chief--on November 15 he turned down an invitation to visit Thailand because he was too busy with internal affairs, according to the Thai Defence Ministry.
Maung Aye is thought to share that critical view.
Maung Aye is known to have hated the Wa, regarded as tough fighters, since his days in the 1980s as a field commander battling insurgencies.
One Thai senior military intelligence officer says: "If Maung Aye takes power and tries to disarm the Wa army there could be one hell of a fight.
the Indian President and the Prime Minister.
Aye is on a five-day state visit to India.
assistant dean at Columbia University's School of International Affairs.
Maung Aye is waiting for the day when he can bring all of Burma to heel.
Maung Aye is of the old-school isolationist, even xenophobic, class of generals," says Thomas Lansner, assistant dean at Columbia University's School of International Affairs.
In any conflict, Maung Aye has a tremendous advantage: he controls the army.
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General Maung Aye is in huge trouble.
Yangon, said an Indian intelligence official, citing a signals intercept.
He said Maung Aye is under effective house arrest.