Minister of Home Affairs MAUNG Oo of Burma

Ko Tin Maung Oo was not included in the arrests.
They said, "Tin Maung Oo said goodbye to you all.
of U Win Tin, one of the NLD's top leaders.
Oo was selected as a candidate for Insein Township and won the seat.
the time, U Sein Hla Oo came to realise that imprisonment was inevitable.
die under tinterrogation in the next room.
he met many monks, students and NLD MPs.
Hla Oo was released on the condition he not involve himself in politics.
arrested with U Khin Maung Swe, Dr.
San San, U Thu Wai and U Hway Myint from the Democracy Party.
LEGAL ACTION AGAINST INNOCENT PERSONSOn March 22 the Capital City News journal released by the city council mentioned the incident and said that according to the divisional police department the trouble had started because Thet Naing Oo was drunk and he insulted a municipal official.
Dagon Police StationMy distress at the news that Ko Thet Naing Oo was beaten to death by government officers at the Thirimingalar Market in Kyimyintaing Towship, Yangon on 17 March 2006 has been compounded by reports that the Myanmar police have moved quickly to cover up the crime and blame innocent people.
The police statements that Thet Naing Oo was drunk have been rejected by those who saw him at the time.
The naked cruelty of the government agents involved in killing Thet Naing Oo is being compounded daily by wanton violations of the rights of innocent bystanders and others who have been implicated without any justification.
Accordingly, I urge you to take direct and personal responsibility for this case and see that the litany of human rights abuses arising from the death of Thet Naing Oo is at last brought to an end.
A former diplomat In my opinion, if the person giving the speech (as a minister for Home Affairs) were to be saying what was mentioned in the document then his knowledge of international politics must be very low.
Having laid down his life for the entire peoples of Burma and death had befallen upon him, Salai Tin Maung Oo remains a legendary student leader in the hearts of the new generation students and his legacy still inspires US to follow the courageous path he had once walked.
Regarding the US naval shipsÂ’ inability to deliver aid to cyclone survivors in the Irrawaddy delta, Maung Oo is reported as saying that the Burmese junta denied the request because the regime believed the US military would find an excuse not to leave until after the 2010 elections.
The Myanmar Minister for Information said at a 22 February press conference Chit Thein Tun and Maung Maung Oo had confessed that Maung Maung Oo had been involved in planting explosives concealed inside a cassette player and a radio.
Maung Maung Oo is a regular contributor on business affairs in Burma.
Tin Maung oO was born in 1949 in Yangon.
On July 30 he too was convicted and sentenced to three years in jail.