Charge d'Affaires to the US MYINT Lwin of Burma

U Saw Lwin is a member of parliament, said Nyan Win.
Sandi Myint Lwin is Myanmar popular hip-hop and pop singer.
Background: We strike gold on our third try with a Mr.
Khin Myint Lwin has decided to initiate a Financial Asset Transfer(FAT) procedure with a view to transferring financial asset worth $21M with your organization (CLIT), as the beneficiary.
Lwin is in now, it will be highly advisable to keep the details of this project very confidential.
Than Lwin had a broken nose and left cheek, and serious facial injuries, and was sent to the Mandalay General Hospital for an operation on June 16.
Meanwhile, Than Lwin had to remain hospitalised, due to dizziness and poor eyesight.
Meanwhile, U Than Lwin was himself taken from his house by police and officials led by Police Superintendent Khin Maung Thein and the chairman of the Mattaya Township Peace and Development Council U Khin Maung Soe at around midnight on 1 October 2007, without charge, in connection with the protests of September.
Myint Lwin is the retired State Bridge Engineer of the Washington State Department of Transportation.
to pass on his knowledge of Buddhism to as many people as possible.
called the Noble Light Academy in Bahan township.
the moment because he wanted to build a strong core of teachers.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = "YANGON (Reuters) - Myanmar astrologer Myint Lwin is upset because he failed to see Cyclone Nargis coming.
YANGON (Reuters) - Myanmar astrologer Myint Lwin is upset because he failed to see Cyclone Nargis coming.
Working in a shop-house on a bustling Yangon street of tea shops and trading companies, Myint Lwin has studied interplanetary alignments during tropical storms over the past two years.
Myint Lwin said five of his colleagues work in Naypyidaw.
One astrologer who plies his trade in Bogyoke, the biggest and best-known market in Yangon, said Myint Lwin had predicted Nargis two months earlier, but the mystic said he failed to follow planetary paths in time.
Sandi Myint Lwin is Myanmar pretty teenage model and popular teenage singer.