Minister of Religious Affairs MYINT Maung of Burma

Zaw Myint Maung is the father of two sons and one daughter.
detailed the situation of political prisoners in Insein Prison.
A poem alleged to have been written by Zaw Myint Maung was quoted in court:" Let it be known tothose in the military who hunger for power,those demonic military,wishing to build a military nation,under a military democracy and military politics,that we shall resist defiantly with the strength of the fighting peacock,may it be eternally recorded in history!"Soe Myint also known as Saya Soe, a veterinary doctor, was charged with and denied writing a song in the New Blood Wave magazine, and Ba Myo Thein was accused of drawing illustrations for the Diamond Jubilee Magazine.
if they do not operate according to Buddhist rules then they will be faced with the law,” Thura Myint Maung was shown on saying on the TV bulletin just hours after more than 200,000 monks and civilians protested around the country.
U Myint Maung is now 51 years old and is married to Nin Lae Soe.
But Zaw Myint Maung has been suffering from torture and three unjust prison sentences for almost 37 years.
As a result, Zaw Myint Maung was arrested on Nov 22 and put on trial for allegedly participating in meetings to form a parallel government.
Zaw Myint Maung was one of the coordinators of this effort.
Zaw Myint Maung was one of 24 political prisoners who were given further prison sentences on March 28, 1996, in connection with their circulation of news journals within the prison and their efforts to report human rights violations to the United Nations.
Maung was held in a dog cell between Nov 1995 and May 1996.
in 1990 to form a provisional government.
of political prisoners in Insein Prison.
U Soe Maung had sent the order in October, in violation of a 1999 regulation prohibiting forced labour in Burma, instructing villagers to work or pay 500 Burmese kyat (USD 0.
illustrations for the Diamond Jubilee Magazine.
Dr Zaw Myint Maung was a leading activist in the prison movement and was a brave and active member of Insein Prison's CPPPR as well as the MIC.
Zaw Myint Maung has spent the past 18 years in the junta’s jails.
Zaw Myint Maung is a handsome man, short in stature with tan skin.
In March 1996, Zaw Myint Maung was sentenced to an additional 12 years in prison for his role in distributing the human rights report.
Minister Brig-Gen Thura Myint Maung accepted K 10 million for construction of monastery in Kyatshar village in Mawlamyinekyun Township donated by Nayaka Sayadaw Bhaddanta Taikkha of Association for Pro-motion and Propagation of Sasana in Mandalay and K 2 million for construction of border areas and hilly region missionary training school donated by U Maung Maung Tun and Daw Win Yi (Maunug Maung Tun Electro-nic.
Mandalay in 1990 to form a provisional government.
situation of political prisoners in Insein Prison.