Minister of Mines OHN Myint of Burma

An irate Commander Maj-Gen Ohn Myint has lashed out at Kachin students after they set in motion a poster campaign since early this week in Myitkyina Township, capital of Kachin State, Northern Burma.
Aung San Suu Kyi and became her spokesman.
Presidential Office yesterday afternoon.
When asked whether host country China could obstruct discussion of Burma, Nyo Ohn Myint said that he thought China could itself come under pressure.
products and the target customers were people of all ages.
A: U Tun Myint has the swelling of urinal glands.
Calling the decision "inhuman," Nyo Ohn Myint said the ruling generals have no sympathy for the people, who are now struggling to re-build homes and finding ways to survive.
Nyo Ohn Myint said he and his NLD-LA party have asked the NLD to stop any kind of political activities but to concentrate on relief work.
Nyo Ohn Myint said he believes that the stance of the Chinese government is very important to the military regime.
in the struggle against tyranny and its possible transition to democracy.
Daw Ohn Myint is 78 and comes from Sin Phone village in Shwe Pauk Kan Township, a suburb of Rangoon.
Aung Myint was sentenced to twenty-one years in jail on 20 December 2000 for passing on NLD information to foreign press agencies and western embassies in Rangoon.
Tun Myint is a writer and was in charge of information research with the NLD in Rangoon.
Nyo Ohn Myint said that while it is still too early to predict what will be Thailand’s foreign policy under the newly elected Premier, it would look more positive if the leaders do not have any personal business connections with Burma’s military rulers.
Thailand, with its ongoing political crisis, is unlikely to have Burma as a major focus of its any new foreign policy, but Nyo Ohn Myint said the Thai government is likely to more sympathetic towards Burmese refugees and migrants.
KIO sources said they believe Ohn Myint is behind an effort to get local groups to express opposition to the KIO amendments.
the supporters of the rebels in their villages.
After the event, Ohn Kyaw Myint was hanged, Ako-gyi Tin Oo was dismissed and jailed; I was detained briefly, and given early retirement, thanks to my old commander, Ako-gyi Sann Yu.
At that time Captain Ohn Kyaw Myint was personal assistance to the Commander-in-Chief Gen.
As Captain Ohn Kyaw Myint was the personal assistance to the C-in-C, he had the power to do that in those days.
But when the plot was exposed, the group of young officers led by Captain Ohn Kyaw Myint was arrested and slammed with charges of high treason.