Minister of Immigration and Population SAW Lwin of Burma

U Saw Lwin is a member of parliament, said Nyan Win.
Ko Ye Lwin said during an interview with DVB yesterday that he was arrested by government security forces on 27 September after he joined a group of protestors at Sule pagoda junction in the former capital Rangoon.
Ko Ye Lwin said he was taken to Rangoon city hall along with other protesters from different demonstrations across the city.
Ko Ye Lwin was later sent to the Government Technology College in Insein and then transferred to Insein prison due to overcrowding at the GTC compound.
It is 1st media guide for HIV/AIDS reporting in Burmese language.
This article scratches the surface of several issues.
General Sein Lwin had a reputation as being a henchman for General Ne Win.
Aung Gyi and Tin Pe were the senior officers, and Sein Lwin was the field commanding officer in the University region.
New York times 12 April 2004 “General Sein Lwin had a reputation for being the brutal henchman of U Ne Win, the military dictator, and was best known for suppressing antigovernment activities.
Chairman Maj-Gen Saw Lwin discussed the reports.
NCCC Maj-Gen Saw Lwin chaired the meeting.
Saw Min Lwin said the letter, in line with the ILO Resolution of 2000, would ask the Government to urge the UN for economic sanctions against the regime and for the UN to be directly involved in talks to solve Burma?s political problems.
Saw Lwin was previously one of the governments two industry ministers.
The news that Sein Lwin had resigned was greeted with jubilation, as crowds cheered and soldiers and demonstrators danced together in celebration of the passing of the evil that had gripped the country.
Although Saw Lwin is banned from visiting the countries of the European Union (EU) and any assets of his found in the these countries are immediately frozen under EU policy, the Mya Buzz reported that Suzuki invited the infamous General to Japan for a tour of its factories.
Gen Saw Lwin said while infrastructure was a major constraint in Myanmar's tourism development, the government plan of improvements had seen the construction of many new roads and bridges, as well as the expansion of airports.