Minister of Construction SAW Tun of Burma

Tun Said Keruak (15 November 1926 - 31 December 1995) was a Malaysian politician from Sabah state.
Tun Said Keruak died on 17 November 1995, barely eleven months after retiring as the Governor on 31 December 1994.
U Saw Hla Tun was a student activist in 1974 and was sent to prison a number of times.
The mash tun was never going to be direct fired, it had to be insulated, and it had to be big enough to do 10 gallon batches.
The valve closest to the Mash Tun is the recirculation valve to the pump.
Win Tun is a self-taught MTB warrior.
Win Tun is a triple Golden Belt Champion with huge accomplishments, about 70 fights, 40 wins and hasn't lost since 2005, winning streak of 2 years.
Ko Than Tun was among 200 prisoners from the Sittwe jail who had been brought to the area to be used as military porters on 19 January.
Saw Tun was very upset about his friend, but he could do nothing except to follow the soldiers.
Like other Burmese directors, Kyi Soe Tun had to learn his profession by trial and error.
Now 55, Kyi Soe Tun has made almost 40 movies to date.
Kyi Soe Tun has a lot of admiration for its director, Than Mui (MC Chatrichalerm Yugula), whom he met at the 1996 Rotterdam International Film Festival where Than Mui's Siadai was being screened.
In accordance with their plan, explained the detainees, Saw Tun had already arrived at Landfall with Indian army officers, who were there to receive the Arakanese boats.
Sources in Delhi say Saw Tun was in the capital that day and had met the army officer.