Minister of Industry 2 SOE Thein of Burma

U Aung Thein is handling at least four cases representing defendants who were charged in connection with the September protests.
but had more to do with their hatred of him.
A poem alleged to have been written by Zaw Myint Maung was quoted in court:" Let it be known tothose in the military who hunger for power,those demonic military,wishing to build a military nation,under a military democracy and military politics,that we shall resist defiantly with the strength of the fighting peacock,may it be eternally recorded in history!"Soe Myint also known as Saya Soe, a veterinary doctor, was charged with and denied writing a song in the New Blood Wave magazine, and Ba Myo Thein was accused of drawing illustrations for the Diamond Jubilee Magazine.
Aung Kyaw Oo reportedly has had liver and kidney disease, Bo Bo Oo asthma, Tun Win gout, and Phyo Min Thein has had various health problems.
Phyo Min Thein was arrested in December 1991 in connection with peaceful demonstrations by students after opposition leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Prize, and is serving a total sentence of 14 years imprisonment, making him eligible to be released now, with time off for parole.
Ba Myo Thein was arrested in 1991 and is serving a total sentence to at least 19 or 22 years' imprisonment.
Democratic Front in 1988 and to run in election in 1990.
in the affairs of ethnic nationalities.
Editor and member of parliament Soe Thein released at the end of his sentence June 14 2001source : Reporters sans FrontieresAt least twelve journalists are still in jailAfter five years in prison, editor and member of parliament Maung Wuntha, well known under his pen name Soe Thein was released on 13 June 2001 from Insein jail (Rangoon.
During his detention, Soe Thein had two heart attacks et suffered psychological torture by his guards and Military intelligence (MI) agents present in the prison.
But, a few days later, Soe Thein was sent back to the Insein prison hospital where medical attention is very limited.
In addition to his high blood pressure, Soe Thein had a very serious stomach disease.
Myint Thein was convicted, several weeks later, to seven years in jail for supporting the student movement, especially through his articles.
Htay Thein is a university professor in Rangoon and the author of many political and philosophical articles.
Htay Thein is imprisoned in Mandalay, after several years in Insein, and suffers from psychological problems.