Minister of Science and Industry Thaung of Burma

Kyemon gained widespread popularity and is still in operation today, but was nationalised after the Ne Win government came to power and Kyemon U Thaung was jailed.
Ko San Thaung was arrested by local police on 27 January after being accused by school teacher Daw Khin Swe Moe from Gu Phyu village of stealing gold accessories during an ordination ceremony in his village, a Chauk resident said.
San Thaung was 30 and a resident of Pwint Linn village in Chauk.
This year, the rice-collection system was different in every region, San Thaung said recently in his fields near Pegu, northeast of Rangoon.
Even during the most bountiful harvests from the 14 acres (nearly six hectares) that he rents, San Thaung has had difficulty meeting the quota and still keeping enough rice to feed his family.
Minutes after I stepped off the ferry, I had to pause and collect my thoughts.
With the zip of motorbikes piercing by ever so often and the friendly locals casually tending to the various shop houses that line the main road, and not a single angry-looking, monk-assaulting, army general in sight, my first impression of Kaw Thaung was pretty much that it looked a whole lot like, well, rural Thailand.
A popular visa-run destination for local expats, Kaw Thaung is part of Taninthayi, the southern-most administrative division in Burma.
still writes in support of democracy in his homeland.
into one of the most secretive nations in the world.
U Thaung, MyanmarBy Global Journalist Staff Posted Sat, Apr 1 2000Home / Recent Stories / U Thaung, Myanmar U Thaung was one of the most prominent victims of General Ne Win’s military regime, which ruled Myanmar (previously Burma) for more than a quarter of a century and transformed the country into one of the most secretive nations in the world.
After being pardoned in 1967, U Thaung was given a bureaucratic post in the Ministry of Information.
After ten years, Thaung was allowed to go to the United States to work as a feature writer for The Missourian, a small newspaper in Washington, Missouri.
Although confident that democracy will return to Myanmar in the near future, U Thaung is less optimistic about the prospects for independent journalism in his country.
Aung Thaung was opening a new pharmaceuticals plant in Kyaukse, home town of junta leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe.
Aung Thaung is a leading member of the government-backed mass organization Union Solidarity and Development Association, and Western diplomats and some former student leaders in Rangoon believe he is behind attacks by USDA thugs on pro-democracy activists, which have increased in number and ferocity since the UN Security Council vote.
Aung Thaung is well-off and well-connected, two advantages that ensure protection within Burma’s ruling echelons.
Ba Thaung is now moving Burma's addiction treatment out of hospitals.
Tradition has it that the Koe-Thaung was struck by lighting because the king attempted to build a pagoda of 90,000 images to out do his father's Shite-Thaung Shrine of 80,000 images.
The Koe-Thaung is square in plan, measuring about seventy-seven meters on each side.
The Koe-Thaung was first of these projects to be undertaken.