Minister of Progress of Border Areas, National Races, and Development Affairs THEIN Nyunt of Burma

Khin Nyunt is an ethnic Chinese, with ancestry from Meixian.
Khin Nyunt was then appointed Chief of Intelligence.
From the mid-1980s to the late 1990s Khin Nyunt was considered to be a protégé of the late Ne Win, who supposedly retired from politics in July 1988 but who is thought to have continued to be an influential figure behind the scenes until about the late 1990s.
The SLORC was later renamed as the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), and Khin Nyunt was appointed as its first secretary (Secretary -1), a post which he held until his appointment as Prime Minister in August 2003.
Shortly after Khin Nyunt was appointed as Prime Minister, he announced a seven-point roadmap for the restoration of democracy; this roadmap was heavily criticized by the Burmese opposition as well as by many foreign governments especially Western ones as it envisaged a permanent military participation in the government.
On 18 October 2004, in a one-sentence announcement signed by SPDC Chairman Senior General Than Shwe, Khin Nyunt was "permitted to retire on health grounds.
On July 5, 2005, Khin Nyunt was tried by a Special Tribunal inside Insein prison near Rangoon on various corruption charges.
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Thein Nyunt said the people of Burma urgently needed whatever assistance the international community could offer.
NLD special information unit member U Thein Nyunt said the party had called on people to vote against the constitution because it was not written in accordance with democratic principles, but instead reflected the military regimes own priorities.
Noting the campaigns run by the government and Union Solidarity and Development Association to encourage people to vote Yes in the referendum, Thein Nyunt said NLD should also have the right to mount their own campaign.
Thein Nyunt said most of the members of the commission were those included in the drafting committee and were delegates to the 14-year long national convention, who largely faced criticism as handpicked men of the junta.
Burma urgently needed whatever assistance the international community could offer.
Thein Nyunt is voluntarily giving legal assistance to pro-democracy activists charged by the regime for their pro-democracy activities.
Burma Chopper Crash Kills GeneralBy AYE AYE WIN, Associated Press WriterYANGON, Myanmar (AP) - One of the most powerful generals in Myanmar's military junta was killed Monday in a helicopter crash that left 14 others missing, the government said.
Maung Aye is also army commander while Khin Nyunt is military intelligence chief.
Last month Khin Nyunt denied the military was split.
Khin Nyunt says Burma Not 'Aggressive' Towards ThailandRangoon (AP)--Burma's military regime is not "aggressive" in its foreign relations and wants to resolve its current border dispute with Thailand peacefully, a top Burmese general was quoted as saying Tuesday.
Khin Nyunt said the rebels and "a misunderstanding by some Thai authorities who had relied on false information from the lower level Thai officials" was to blame for the border dispute.
We promote friendly relations with every country and abide by international rules and regulations," Khin Nyunt said at a ceremony to mark the end of teachers' training course on Monday at Phaunggyi, 60 kilometers north of Rangoon.
But in an apparent aside at Thailand for allegedly supporting the Shan rebels, Khin Nyunt said Burma had never allowed another group to endanger other countries from its territory or used such groups for its own ends.
Commenting on the judgment itself, Thein Nyunt had cited "make justice injustice, make injustice justice" from an official court publication.
The court claimed that by criticizing the court ruling, Thein Nyunt had also created misunderstanding among the public about the kind of justice rendered by the state's judicial system.
Thein Nyunt is also an "elected" representative of the Thingangyun constituency in Rangoon under the shadow Parliament formed by the National League of Democracy, whose right to govern following a landslide election win in 1990 was denied by the junta.
Colonel Thein Nyunt is a political figure in Myanmar.
Thein Nyunt was appointed mayor of Naypyidaw, the national capital of Myanmar 1 March 2006.
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Chief Gen Khin Nyunt has taken over as Prime Minister in a recent power shift.