Minister for Transport THEIN Swe of Burma

Ko Thein Swe was arrested at his house in Phyar Pon township, Irrawaddy division, on the evening of 22 October in connection with the public demonstrations in September and is being held in Insein prison in Rangoon.
Thein Swe was arrested for his involvement in public demonstrations in September last year.
three-day official visit to Brunei.
In November Thein Swe’s son, co-founder of the Myanmar Times newspaper “Sonny” Myat Swe was also arrested.
The media-savvy Thein Swe is widely considered to be the prime mover behind The Myanmar Times.
Earlier this year Mr Swe was given a 14-year-jail sentence for violating the country's censorship regulations.
His father, General Thein Swe was sentenced to more than a hundred years in jail for corruption and economic crimes.
General Thein Swe was also the chairman of the company's board of directors.
own income and reduce their dependence on others.
The report said that Deputy Home Minister Brigadier General Pone Swe is now arriving in the town of Kyauktaw, located on the upper Kaladan River.