Minister of Electric Power 1 ZAW Min of Burma

One Yaynanchaung resident said Zaw Min had indirectly insulted the National League for Democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi during his campaign speech.
I was just wondering what contribution, if any, HM SHWEBOMIN had made towards helping his people.
a) Zaw Min has the rank of Colonel : he was obviously a senior military man before taking up his civil position.
Being named and shamed in the international criminal lists for stealing and robbing their own country ? How worried is Khin Mi Mi, for herself, her children and her family members future?d) Zaw Min is described as one of Burmese government leaders.
Zaw Min is also known as a well-known short-story writer Zaw Nat Zaw.
Zaw Min was answerable to four leaders of 4828, who were known simply as A.
When Ma Than Than Myint's elder brother Tun Lin heard how Zaw Min was speaking to his sister, he approached the lieutenant and asked him not to speak to his sister in such a manner.