Minister of National Defense and War Veterans Germain Niyoyankana of Burundi

Lt-Gen Germain Niyoyankana said the Somali people should support their government which is a legal government that is recognized by the international community.
After each order, there is room for questions, Lt Gnl Niyoyankana said in a press conference that he held today to express his view after the flight of Col.
Niyoyankana said authorities would patiently wait for the 3,000 former rebels from the other groups to follow suit.
Niyoyankana said he was attempting to begin to address the imbalance by sending about half the soldiers from the old army back to their barracks.
Burundi's Defense Minister Germain Niyoyankana said on Monday the AU mission would be staying put, however.
Ethiopian troops wasn't a reason for all foreign forces to pull out.
Minister Niyoyankana said he was happy with the gift accorded Burundi by Sudan, adding that he had made known to the Sudanese minister of defence the difficulties facing his ministry on his visit to Sudan in January.
Niyoyankana said the deployment would be in early November and added that they were mobilising logistics to facilitate the process.
Niyoyankana said Burundi and China have supported each other and safeguard interests of each other in the international community although there is a long distance between the two countries.
Niyoyankana said the Burundi government supports the one-China policy and holds that Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territories.
BUJUMBURA, 18 November 2005 (IRIN) - The Burundian army is investigating circumstances under which uniforms belonging to UN peacekeepers were found with fighters of the Forces nationales de liberation (FNL), the country's remaining active rebel group, Defence Minister Maj-Gen Germain Niyoyankana said on Thursday.
Niyoyankana was referring to the seizure of helmets and uniforms belonging to UN troops when the army captured several FNL combatants early November.
Niyoyankana said in July 2004, the army seized munitions made in South African from FNL combatants it had captured, "but the South African contingent denied any involvement.
Niyoyankana said that the Burundian government troops to take part in the new unit were already at the training camp.
force's military equipment and increase its financial support.
Niyoyankana said the two eastern African nations asked the AU to update the force's military equipment and increase its financial support.
However, Niyoyankana said that the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops was not a reason for all foreign forces to pull out.