First Vice President Yves Sahinguvu of Burundi

Our countries share a lot in common including our history, culture and much more, Sahinguvu said after meeting Prime Minister Makuza, pointing out that the two leaders and their delegations discussed several issues related to security at the border, immigration, tourism, education, agriculture, justice, infrastructure development, and other regional issues.
Bujumbura, 2007-11-09 (Burundi Ralits Agence Presse) - Dr Yves Sahinguvu was sworn on 09 November.
The appointment of Dr Yves Sahinguvu has raised hopes in many opposition parties, but the journey that he is taking is full of pitfalls.
Dr Sahinguvu was chosen and approved by the parliament yesterday.
Dr Sahinguvu is a businessman who can fluently speak Lingala, Swahili, French and English in addition to his mother tongue.
Vice-President of the Republic on 9th November 2007.
As a sister country, we have a lot to share including our history and much more,” Sahinguvu said after meeting Makuza.
Sahinguvu was accompanied by the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Jean-Jacques Nyenimigabo, Ambassador Nduhirubusa, chief of protocol and, Ambassador Baza Antoine, the Principal Counsellor in charge of political and diplomatic affairs.
Yves Sahinguvu said it was his third time to visit Rwanda and did not at any occasion miss to visit Gisozi memorial site.
Sahinguvu met with different government officials and discussed several issues regarding the two countries including Education, infrastructure and security in the region.
An eye doctor by training, Sahinguvu is a businessman with interests in insurance and oil companies.
About the freeing of demobilisation funds, Honourable Yves Sahinguvu said that the Government and the World Bank were studying how to free on time the money for demobilised projects financing.