Minister of Rural Development CHEA Sophara of Cambodia

CheaSophara had raised money to build a road so that PreahVihear can be accessed from the Cambodia side.
KimLeang, I have no doubt the Chea Sophara is as corrupted as any of the CPP high ranking officials.
By Monireak The sacking of Chea Sophara was allowed to happenbecause he is no lackey of Thailand and Vietnam.
IfChea Sophara was a Vietnamese puppet like Hun Sen, hewould not have gotten the ax because Vietnam wouldhave come to his defense.
Becauseof the riots, Chea Sophara was dismissed, thuscreating anger among the CPP members as well as amongthe common Khmer population towards Hun Sen.
Motorbike taxi driver Uon Savarn declared: 'CheaSophara is very good.
On the day of the riots - Jan 29, Mr Sophara was onceagain in Preah Vihear, and had no involvement in thetragic events happening in the capital, which includedthe ransacking and looting of the Thai embassy.
Mr Hun Sen's decision to make a sacrifice of thegovernor is based on the fact that Mr Sophara is arising star in the CPP and is widely tipped to be asuccessor to the Prime Minister, according to aWestern analyst.
Since Chea Sophara has incurred resentment over the road to Preah Vihear from the Thai side, bumping him off the politcal map will, for Hun Sen, kill two birds with one stone.
For years, Chea Sophara has battled close Hun Sen ally Hok Lundy, most publicly in early 2000 when he dismantled a people-traf*!#@ing ring that brought senior police officials tens of thousands of dollars a month.
Chea Sophara has been credited with transforming Phnom Penh from a dirty third-world capital to an increasingly popular Southeast Asian tourist destination.
Chea Sophara is regarded as a man of action and even in Cambodia that plays well," the diplomat said.
Chea Sophara has the safe life because he does not know much the secret schemes of Hok Lundy and Hun Sen.
kilometer from the temple entrance.
to Myanmar, replaced by Keb Chutema, former governor of Takeo province.
Phnom Penh Governor Chea Sophara said that sex in public was a disgrace and those detained would be "educated" about correct morals and made to sign statements promising not to do it again.
Cambodian people's understanding of living in a hygienic environment is still low compared to neighboring countries, Chea Sophara said on Wednesday.
Chea Sophara expressed his thanks to the Chinese company, saying the beautiful flower clock not only beautified the environment of Phnom Penh city, but also marks the friendship between the people of our two countries.
Sophara was reassigned to be ambassador to Burma.
Phnom Penh governor Chea Sophara said authorities would temporarily shut down all brothels in the capital -- which flourish here even though they are illegal -- and post police with bags of condoms at their doors.
Phnom Penh Governor Chea Sophara said yesterday he would call the owners of 193 restaurants to a meeting to discuss the mushrooming wild meat trade.
Chea Sophara said he would also issue a directive banning endangered meat from restaurant menus.
area on the outskirts of the capital.
Chea Sophara said an exploding cooking gas container was suspected to have caused Tuesday's fire.
3 percent annually, but the roads and infrastructure have not been upgraded, Phnom Penh Governor Chea Sophara said at an inauguration ceremony on Thursday.
Chea Sophara said there were an average of four accidents per day on the city streets, which are shared by right and left-hand drive automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, cyclos and pedestrians.
Phnom Penh governor Chea Sophara said the annual festival to celebrate the Mekong river and Cambodia's naval forces had particular significance this year as it coincided with King Norodom Sihanouk's 79th birthday Wednesday.
Chea Sophara said Sihanouk would preside over the festival which is expected to draw millions of visitors and runs through Thursday.
Government spokesman Khieu Kanharith gave no direct reason for the dismissal, but he told the French news agency AFP that Thai intelligence had accused some government officials of being behind the riots.